Saturday, September 24, 2011

Comment of the Week!

And this week's Comment of the Week is from...


On whether she would go back to high school if given the chance:
Sometimes I think - Oh, hale yes. I'd go back but ONLY if it was as a do-over. As the person I am today. I would have totally different experiences, be easier on and kinder to people (including myself!).

But then I think - high school is difficult for everyone and kind to few. Even if I went back as the more mature, less judgmental me, it would still be high school and it would still be a trial. It wouldn't be perfect high school re-imagined.

So, no. Ultimately I wouldn't go back.
We love the mix of idealism (kinder! more self-loving!) with realism (high school kind of sucks no matter what!). Those two impulses were what almost everyone seemed to be struggling to reconcile in their response to the prompt.

A little more about Anonymeet:
Code Name: The Dragon Lady

Legend: Anonymeet is such a super-secret agent that her code name has a code name. She does not use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media. Or does she?

She is excited to partcipate in YA Confidential, which may be the coolest new site in the YA blogosphere, and to win a prize because she has never won anything before, ever, even though she's recovering from a mild sweepstakes addiction. Her family worries this win will go to her head and cause a relapse.

Anonymeet is writing an action/adventure about a young woman conscripted into a rebel army in a future America which has been taken over by terrorists.

Known Whereabouts:
She's taking home an ARC of The Carrier of the Mark. Have you got your dream ARC or signed book from THE VAULT picked out yet? Make sure you comment next week for a chance to win, and thanks to everyone for your contribution this week to the fabulous community we're building here at YA Confidential!


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