Friday, September 16, 2011

FRIDAY FUN: Teen Trends - Back to School from Head to Toe

Okay, so obviously, I’m not a teen anymore – although some may beg to differ about that. What's not in question is my nuttiness over all things fabulous and girly. So today, I give you a spotlight on some of the fun things I’ve spied on teens as they headed back to school this year:

Teen Fall Trends 2011


You know how sometimes you don't feel like washing your hair every. single. day? Well, TREsemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is a great alternative for those in-between shampoo days. It leaves your hair smelling good and ready to style. Bonus: Get it at your drug store for less than $7. SCORE!

Don't forget to back up your important documents with style! My Melody flash drives make it super fun to transport files wherever you go. Bonus: Makes it harder for your boyfriend to steal your flash drive!

Feathers are a big trend this fall. If you don't want to go crazy with feather hair extensions or feather eyelashes, why not try a flash of something soft and furry on your ears instead? These earrings from JC Penney cost less than $8! Bonus: Combine two fall trends with feather earrings AND animal print!

Keep your lips looking lush and cool with the fall's hottest lip color -- hot pink! There are literally HUNDREDS of different lip gloss brands out there, so keep it inexpensive by checking out options at your local drugstore. Bonus: Afraid of looking too pink? Dab a little bit of pink-friendly blush on your lips and layer with gloss on top.


Okay, since we're heading back to school, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention something cute for your books, right? I'm loving animal print backpacks and fringy purses -- makes you want to simultaneously meow and shimmy, no? Bonus: A great bag can change ANY look. If you're going to invest in something, let it be this!


Tired of plain old black or silver watches? Why not try white? White watches are totally chic for a quick flash of something different. Bonus: A trend that'll last all winter that doesn't have to be expensive with brands like XOXO and Timex!

Bangles for your wrists are a classic...but how about twisting the trend up a notch by wearing bracelets made out of those little rubber bands they make for your braces? These bright and colorful accessories are called Bracedlets and they're this Fall's take on last year's Silly Bandz. Bonus: Remember when you used to switch out the band colors to coordinate with holidays??? Now you can do it AND chew gum!

Show off those fingers with super fun rings this Fall! Want to say I LOVE YOU without actually saying, "I Love You"? Try out a statement ring. Go for zany with a mustache ring or go for feminine with a bow ring.
Bonus: SUPER CHEAPPPPP and fun to swap with friends!

Dressing up your nails is all the rage this Fall. Everything from Crackle polish to polish strips you can apply directly onto your nails. They're easy to wear and the best thing is they're SO MUCH FUN.
Bonus: Try Sally Hansen's Salon Effects strips for a cheap alternative to flashy nails! I'm talking patterns in everything from Houndstooth to Flowers to Leopard. Rawrrrr!

Another great accessory? A notebook! And not just any notebook, but one that keeps all your OMG secrets safe. BONUS: Who wouldn't want to be seen writing in one of these statement journals?


Vans are making a come back, baby! This old school brand is updating their look by offering fun patterns and colors to dress up your feet.
Bonus: They last (almost) FOREVERRRRR and make kicking things even more fun than before!

Not to be outdone by a classic sneaker, Riding Boots are for the chic girl who wants something to pair over her leggings or skinny jeans. There are tons of different styles with heels, no heels, buckles, embellishments, black, brown...whew!
Bonus: The pair in this collage was only $45!!! DOUBLE SCORE NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY!

Flats are great for a simple and flirty look...but update it this Fall with a jewel-toned color in amethyst or metallic with bronze or gold. Bows, flowerettes, and buttons are super cute details as well!
Bonus: Your feet will thank you!

So that's it! A quick look at some of the teen trends hitting the Fall season this year. Just remember trends are just that -- a trend. Don't feel like you need to spend a lot of money on something that may or may not be "cool" next month. And PLEASE for the love of all things glittery -- DON'T follow or wear every single trend unless you
want to look like a walking Idea Board. Pick and choose. Discover and update. But most importantly, STAY YOU!!!

Special Alert: Happy Birthday to Operative Saradise!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Happy Friday!


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