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Welcome to YA Confidential.

Our mission and yes, we choose to accept it is to bring you all things teen, all the time. Teen interviews. Teen roundtables. Teen critiques. And all posts YA-related.

Today's objective:

Meet the operatives.
(And find our posting schedule below)

Operative: Alexandra Shostak
Codename: Fem(inist) Fatale
Legend: Squirted gogurt into the flowing hairmetal locks of a cheating boyfriend in 11th grade. Currently writes about dark and magical worlds that explore the space between black and white, with girls who fight cheating boys with swords instead of gogurt.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: Only a shiv and an acerbic wit.

Operative: Alison Miller
Codename: Agent A
Legend: Senior year, she clocked a kid in the head with her calculator for trying to disprove the Pythagorean Theorem. Currently, she bullies formulas into the brains of her algebra students. She’s also a mom, a soccer coach’s wife, a dancer, a football statistician, and a reader and writer of all things YA. And she’s just as well-rounded (and long-winded) in her stories.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: Demon tween Kenz and her diabolical brother/nemesis Aidan. Can simultaneously cast grey-hair spells and fountain-of-youth potions.

Operative: Cambria Dillon
Codename: Cutta Mutha
Legend: Once kicked a boy in the shins while wearing silver combat boots in the ninth grade. Writes about modern teens who like to kiss one second...and break noses the next.
Known whereabouts:,
Known Accomplices: Vickie Motter, aka the Ninja Agent of Andrea Hurst Literary Management

Operative: Cristin Terrill
Codename: Homey C
Legend: Narrowly escaped a life of southern debutante-hood by stowing away on a steamship bound for England. Writes about teenagers but never, never about high school.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: Diana Fox, aka the Foxy Agent of Fox Literary

Operative: Karen Hooper
Codename: Special K
Legend: Took down the school bully by going public with embarrassing photos of milk and cereal spraying from his nose. Writes YA about old-fashioned guys with paranormal abilities because that's what she has always wanted in her own love life.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: Rhemalda Publishing

Operative: Sara McClung
Codename: Saradise
Legend: Once forced a boy to kiss her sister's foot after he was mean to her on the school bus. Currently writes YA about magical girls who also refuse to put up with boys like that.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...

What can you expect from us? To give you an idea, here's a sample of a weekly posting schedule!

Monday Mission Briefings: Each week an operative will choose a YA-related mission and break it down.

Teen Spy Tuesdays: Everything teen. Roundtables. Critiques. Thoughts on books and craft. You name it, our teen spies will cover it.

Undercover Wednesdays: All things YA book-related!

From the Vault Thursdays: Answer our question of the day and get entered in our weekly contest. Winners are allowed to select a book from THE VAULT.

Fun Fridays: Exactly what the name implies...

So there you have it, folks. Welcome to YA Confidential!

Oh--and be sure to check back soon. We'll be celebrating our launch this week with a MEGA giveaway!

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