Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teen First Page Critiques

Are you a YA writer who's left your own teen years behind and now worries about the authenticity of your writing? Wish you had a couple of teens at your disposal to read your work and tell you that no one calls things "the bomb" anymore?

You're in luck!

We happen to have a few such teens working for us, and once a month we're going to give you the chance to have your opening page critiqued by these members of your target audience. Our teens are well-read, smart, and insightful, so there should be a lot for us writers to learn from them!

If you'd like to be critiqued by our Teen Spies, send your first 250 words in the body of an email to yaconfidential@gmail.com by Tuesday, September 27th. Pages will be chosen at random for critique and will appear here the following week.

Now get emailing, 'cause this feature is going to be the bomb!


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