Saturday, October 22, 2011

Comment of the Week

Every week we pick our favorite comment to get a spotlight here, and it's author receives the gift of their choice from THE VAULT.

This week's winner, who told us about her favorite book-to-film adaptations, is...


I liked the "modernized" Romeo and Juliet because of the death scene. Few productions of that play make the choice that Lurhman did - to let Juliet begin to wake up so that both Romeo sees her alive and then she watches him die. It makes it a true tragedy. (Other than that, I hate R&J, no matter ho makes it or who's in it.)

I guess my favorite adaptation is Lord of the Rings. It changes things from the books, but it maintains their "soul", and it's just so darn pretty with all the New Zealand shots.

(And I actually do think the cinematography from Twilight makes it worth watching for the scenery. Gorgeous panorama shots.)

Let this be a lesson to you all: you rarely go wrong when commenting about Shakespeare, especially when I'm in charge of the COTW post!

Josin, please email us and let us know what fabulous VAULT prize you want!

Many thanks to everyone who commented this week!


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