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Lina left us a long and very creepy story about a Dark Man, a haunted cave, and human sacrifice. I definitely will not be driving by any caves any time soon.

This local urban legend is known as The Black Man around here.

I spent summers with my grandma, and everyone in this rural area knew all about him - especially all of us kids.

It all started in the '50s, when a young man from the city drove the 50 miles to see his girlfriend every Friday. One Friday, he had everything planned for the big proposal - flowers, a box of chocolates and a diamond ring he'd scrimped and saved for.

To get to her house which was the first farmhouse surrounded by fields, he had to drive around winding roads along a mountain/hill. At the base of the mountain there's a cave which has long been surrounded with rumors about it being a portal between this world and the spirit world, and because of this was often used by local kids who summoned spirits.

At around this time, there were several disappearances in the county except no one ever found the bodies. 

It turned out a group of teens was really into the occult and they used the cave for their rituals. As sacrificial victims, they waited for a car with out-of-town people to drive down the deserted road and they then stopped the driver, supposedly asking for help. When the unsuspecting driver got out of the car, they grabbed him and slaughtered him in a ritual. No one ever thought to look in the cave because none of the people who disappeared had ties to the small rural town.

The young man from the city was their next victim. 

They dragged him into the cave, slit his throat and used the blood to summon evil spirits.

No one ever looked for him in the mountain. His car was never found.

The kids were arrested a few months later after one of their victims fought back and escaped.

The young man's body was found in the cave.

Now, he roams the roads around the mountain in his car, dressed in black with a black hat, which is why he's called the Black Man. 

He seeks revenge because no one - not even his beloved girlfriend - thought to look for him there. 

If people are too curious, he lures them to the cave and keeps them there forever.

But only after giving them one chance to escape, as he wants to be kinder than the people who killed him were to him. The first time someone stops him to ask for directions to the haunted cave, he turns them away but leaves a box of chocolates in the back seat of their car. But instead of chocolates, there are slips of paper with the names of their family, along with a warning: "Keep away."

If someone comes back, and asks him again where the haunted cave is, he tells them to follow him. Instead of leading them down the right road, he leads them to a bluff, hoping they'll drive off.

The people he kills he keeps trapped in the cave. 

People who walk up to the cave instead of driving, escape him. And inside the cave they find hand-prints carved into the stone. The weird thing is that the hand-prints are never in the same place. And that's because the people he killed are still trying to get out.

There's more "proof" to this urban legend:

1. The occult teens were actually tried and convicted, and there are newspaper clippings. 2. People who escaped still have the empty box of chocolates with his warning. 3. If you leave the car in neutral without the handbrake where the Black Man was taken, it doesn't roll down the road. It goes uphill up the road closer to the cave.

I never believed this until my "genius" physics-major brother actually tried the car thing, trying to prove to everyone it's bogus.

It actually worked, and went uphill on its own. 

Now he claims it's because of an electromagnetic field or something.

I told him if he goes again he'd better not tell the Dark Man where we live:)


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