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Real Teen Answers

On Friday, you asked. Today, our teen spies answer!

Social Questions

Does anyone REALLY find Justin Bieber attractive?

Laura: I don’t pay attention to media or gossip surrounding celebrities so I had absolutely no idea who Justin Bieber was until a couple of months ago when the VMA’s were on (I only watched for The Hunger Games, I swear!) He reminds me of my four-year-old nephew, so it’s not like I’m attracted to him.

Katie: Not really, a couple of young girls in middle school think he’s cute. Most people I know very much dislike him and don’t think he is attractive.

What's up with the skinny jeans? How and why did anyone ever make them cool? I just don't get it.

Lynsay: I think skinny jeans were an inevitable occurrence. We've been to me the other end of the spectrum, flare and bell bottoms, so it was natural that we would end up with the opposite. I also think the influx of fashionable boots contributed to the rise of the skinny jeans. The easiest jean to wear with any of your boots is a skinny jean. Skinny jeans can also be flattering because they create one long, sleek line on your leg.

What's your favorite after-school activity?

Lissa: My favourite after school activity is music repertoire, which is band. I used to participate in volleyball – not this year because of scheduling – and I loved that too. When I get home, though, I like to read and surf on the computer.

Lennon: Reading/Writing

How important is it to you in 11th-12th grade to work towards getting into the college of your dreams? Do you actively focus on the "right" AP classes, "right" after-school activities etc? Do you even think of what kind of career/job you'd like eventually? And if you do think of all this, is it because you, personally, are driven or is it something that's "pushed" on you by parents, counselors?

Lynsay: I can honestly say it is extremely important to me. I just applied early to my top choice college. One of the most important things they look at is difficulty of schedule. I have taken as many AP and Honors classes as possible, and I know exactly what I would like to do as my career. I will say that the reason I am motivated is because of my mother. She has always stressed education. She wants me to be able to support myself. She knows what my best is and anything less than that is unacceptable. I have no problem being pushed because I know it will only help me.

Do you read blogs, and if so, what kind? (Author blogs, book blogs, celebrity gossip, fashion, music, etc.?)

Laura: Being a book blogger myself, I read A LOT of book blogs every day. I also follow tons of author blogs, but unfortunately don’t have as much time to read them as I would like.

Katie: Rarely do I read blogs. When even I do I either read my mom’s author blog or this blog.

Books Questions

What makes you decide to read a book? How important are covers, jacket copy and blurbs from other writers. Are you more likely to be influenced by a friend? Do teens get recommendations from librarians anymore?

Laura: There are a lot of contributing factors that make me decide to read a book, but they are all elements of the book itself. I’m rarely influenced by others opinions. On that note, I did recently buy Jessi Kirby’s Moonglass because of Sarah Dessen’s praise. And while I LOVE visiting the library, I just don’t have a lot of time these days. I’m already swimming in my TBR pile! I’m usually the one giving recommendations, anyway.

Katie: A lot of factors play into deciding to read a book. Covers do play a part in the diction of reading a book or not. What other authors think of the book helps tell me what to expect. Influence of friends also play a big part when not sure what to read. I have asked librarians for recommendations before so yes.

Is there a pattern to the books you choose to read and/or the books you love?

Lynsay: There are definitely some common threads. I usually read books that have a female main character, and there is usually romance in the story line somewhere. As far as any further details than that, it just depends.

Do any of your boy friends or boyfriends read books? If so, do you know what books they are?

Laura: I don’t have a boyfriend or many male friends, so I can’t offer much insight. However, I can remember that some popular books with boys at my old school were The Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter. Sensing a pattern?

Katie: Yes I have guy friends who read, the book they read are more “fighting” types of book. Basically they have more fighting sense and aggression in them.

Are teens starting to get sick of the vampire/werewolf/zombie/angel/ super-chicken books that keep coming out? I still like them, but I have to wonder if the end is drawing near for paranormal. Thoughts?

Laura: I never bought into the whole vampire vs. werewolf saga because most authors just slaughtered the basic origins of the creatures themselves, the angel concept was just laughable, and I don’t even know what a super-chicken is (super-powered KFC?). All in all, I don’t care much for the paranormal genre. I only read such books out of pure curiosity as to why they are (or were) so popular. It doesn’t bother me if they are “in” or “out."

Katie: I think they're starting to get old but there still somewhat still “in.”

What percentage of your books to you read for fun, as opposed to required for school?

Lynsay: During the semester I have English, almost always 100% of my reading is required. I just read Beowulf and Grendel the first six weeks and now we're reading Idylls of the King for English IV Honors. I have English all year this year so a lot of my reading will be required, but I may try to sneak some others in.

Does anyone still read high fantasy anymore? I feel it creeping away, hiding in the shadows, waiting for "The Hunger Games of fantasy" as I put it. Or "the Twilight of fantasy."

Lynsay: I don't read a lot of high fantasy, but I do read things that have a little fantasy in them, like a magical twist. However, I know people that do read high fantasy. It definitely has the potential to make a comeback if it's falling off because there will always be loyal fantasy fans.

Do you own or have access to eReaders? If so, what's your take - like/dislike?

Lissa: I have an eReading app on my iPod, but not an actual eReader. I’m not really a fan – I prefer having the book in my hand, the smell of the book, being able to turn to a page quickly – but there are definite qualities, as they’re compact and able to go everywhere.

Lennon: No. I like actually holding a book and reading it.

When you go into a bookstore, do you usually know what you want to buy, or do you browse until something catches your eye?

Lissa: I have so many books on my TBR list that I always have something I want to buy. I usually go to the bookstore with a plan – “okay, I’ll get Wolfsbane, that new Sarah Dessen book, and that one my friend recommended…” – but I generally end up buying a book I had no intention to get that day.

Lennon: Both, I usually find what I'm looking for then find something else, then find another book, then another. I walk into a bookstore then stay for a couple hours trying to figure out which book I want more.

How do you really feel about sex scenes in YA? Fade to black or...not? As long as it is appropriate to the story.

Lissa: I have no problem with them, really. I hate when automatically books FADE TO BLACK, after just one kiss. I like to see the action going on, so I can judge the character’s feelings and etc., but I appreciate keeping out some details.

Lennon: I don't really care to be honest. I mean if it gets to... uh descriptive then I get weirded out. But I mean if it's like a little detail whatever. It happens in real life but I don't want to like read what should be constituted as child pornography.

What book would you want to see turned into a movie, and why?

Lissa: I’d LOVE to see The Hunger Games as a movie, which I know is a cop-out considering it IS becoming a movie, but I’m just so excited!!! Why? Because the story is intelligent and has a message that should touch non-readers.

Lennon: Vampire Academy because vamps are all the rage right now and no one seems to care about them, or The Forest of Hands and Teeth because I adore Carrie Ryan.

Movies and TV Questions

Have any of you ever watched Buffy? Series not movie.

Laura: Has anyone not seen Buffy? Despite the legendary show beginning a year after I was born, I still managed to watch most episodes from season 1 when I was six or seven. Sarah Michelle Gellar was my role model.

Katie: No.

Have you seen the classic movies of the 80s and/or 90s? (Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Princess Bride, etc.)

Lynsay: Yes, I have. My favorite movie was made in the 80s, The Outsiders. They just have a different feel. I think teens can appreciate the classics too.

What are your favorite TV shows, and which one will you absolutely not miss for anything? And what do the boys watch?

Lissa: I love Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Gossip Girl. I will not miss any of them. The boys? They watch Sopranos, Jersey Shore, and sports. Most guys I know don’t watch much TV, and prefer to play video games.

Scotie: Glee, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, Family Guy, That's 70s Show, Spongebob (don't laugh, no one can ever replace him, I love that Sponge), Vampire Diaries, Danny Phantom (when it's on, I'm watching it, I'm a little kid, get over it) and The Secret Circle. I will miss any of them because I tape them so whatever. But I have never missed a Pretty Little Liars. My guy friends will watch Family Guy, South Park, Spongebob, or anything with dirty humor.

Thanks again to our fabulous Teen Spies!

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