Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We're all about Halloween this week here at YA Confidential, so it's only appropriate that this week's Undercover post is about covers that go bump in the night. Covers that make us cringe, or creep us out. Covers that cover a variety of scary, disturbing, haunting and/or icky.

Great minds really do think alike, because when I surveyed our operatives and teen spies, 2 covers were mentioned by several peeps. First up...
This was one of my (KHoops) picks. Fem Fatale also included it in her list of favs, and it has been on Agent A's TBR list even though she doesn't know if she's brave enough to read it.

Next up is a book that makes Cutta Mutha look at all small children with a slight apprehension...including her own child! In her own words, "
it gives me the heebiejeebies!" Agent A was brave enough to read it and lived to blog about it.Teen Spy Athena Darkholm loves this one too.
"The cover isn't the creepy-ist picture in the book. There are more in the book that give me chills and it takes a lot for me to get scared. If you can get the pictures inside the book, those will scare the crap out of you. The scary thing is that those pictures weren't photoshopped and were actually taken, which I thought was cool."

Homey C and I both have an affinity for monsters and favorited this one...Homey C said the cover is creepy and foreboding. She loves the tiny light in the window of the house, which makes it look so vulnerable, and the silhouette of the monster against the dark, cloudy sky. I've heard amazing things about this book, and I hear the monster isn't the kind of monster you expect.

Teen Spy Funny Bunny has a dark side and chose this creepy cover and asked,
"I think it's the way the woman is sort of...melting? Do you see that, too?"

Teen Spy
Athena Darkholm confessed that this cover made her want to steal a dead girl's boots...
"I want those boots!!!!!!!! Dead cheerleader? Ah-freaking-mazing!!! I'm stealing those boots, just to be clear on the subject."

The Black Wiggle weighed in on his fav with this one...
"It wasn't until many years after I'd read The House with the Clock in its Walls that I recognized one of the main reasons I liked the book so much (and found myself so frightened as a kid). It has really cool illustrations by Edward Gorey. Gorey's illustrations could be equal parts wickedly funny and creepily haunting. From his art you might guess he was a British artist with Victorian leanings. In fact, he was American with a HUGE pop culture obsession (Gilligan's Island and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were among his favorites)."

Other scary/creepy/freaky favorites...

Draw the DarkNecroscopeThe LightPatient ZeroAshes (Ashes Trilogy #1)Sleepless

YOUR TURN! What cover do you not want to be alone with in a dark alley?
(Creating this post may or may not have given me nightmares, but don't tell anyone because I have a tough spy image to protect.)


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