Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Line Teen Critiques!

So, in lieu of our usual From-the-Vault question today, we're opening up our comments for your FIRST LINES! Our teen spies will read through them and pick their favorites--and on Tuesday we'll post the ones they selected with their thoughts on why they rocked!

It can be really scary to share work--even just one sentence--with other people, so the Operatives are kicking it off sharing the first lines of their own WIPs. (Some current projects, others past.)


Cristin: The day I succumb to the devil inside of me is like any other since Mother died.

Karen: I needed to choose between the angel and the mermaid.

Sara: It began with a fire, Aisa told me once, and it grew with a kiss.

Alison: There are fifty reasons my mind should be on school today, but Susan Milton should not be one of them.

Alexandra: When Morgana blinks, she sees another world.

Copil: Los Angeles asphalt tastes like butterscotch.

Cambria: They say children used to scream so loud in this spot you could hear them from a mile away.



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