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The Real Teen Life: Morgan

We started YA Confidential with one thing in mind: All things teen, all the time. To stay on task with that goal, we'll frequently interview teens to gauge their thoughts on books and life. To read more, check out our past teen interviews!

Today's Interview: 

Name: Morgan
Age: 15/sophomore in HS
Sex: F
Location: East Coast

On Books

What’s your all-time favorite book? And what’s one that you read recently and loved? (And why?!)

My all time favorite book is a three-way tie between Looking for Alaska by John Green, Crank by Ellen Hopkins, and Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I loved these three books because all three writers are so talented and unique. They each write in their distinctly original way with their own unique style. I’ve read all three countless times. I honestly can't decide which is my favorite.

I read a lot. Most recently I read Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick. I liked it. I thought it was decently written. I loved the first book in the series, Hush, Hush, but I was disappointed by CrescendoSilence was much better and I liked it.

How do you decide which books to read, other than the ones assigned to you in school?

Deciding on a book to read is easy. I just go to Barnes and Noble and find the newest book that captures my attention. I've read almost the whole entire young adult section. So, when I go to Barnes and Nobles, I go to the newest books and find one with a nice cover.

Luckily my parents (you know my mom, Lola Sharp, and my dad) buy me as many books each week as I want (even when I’m out of allowance money). And my mom shares her books with me, both YA and adult. (I read all of her Charlaine Harris ‘Sookie’ books). (She reads my books, too.)

What keeps your interest in a book?

To keep me interested in a book, it needs to be different. So many books today are the same story over and over again, in the same style of writing. I like new ideas. I like fresh writing styles.

What do you wish you saw more of in books? (Types of characters, types of plots, etc.)

I wish I saw more new ideas in books. I really, really loved Harry Potter and The Hunger Games series. They had a new take on things and their own style of writing. I love that. But now every book is trying to be the ‘new’ Hunger Games or HP.

(I am legit excited about the HG movie coming in March!)

On a Day in the Life

Tell me about a standard day in your life during the school year. What’s your schedule like?

My schedule is really busy. I have school all day and then I come home and do homework. I'm an honors student, so I have a LOT of homework. I spend SO much time doing homework. Then I have dance classes. Then it’s home and shower and to bed, exhausted. What little time I have left I spend reading and watching TV. 

In my spare time, I like to hangout with my friends, read books, catch up on TV (I tivo my shows and catch up with them on the weekends), and shop. I am excellent at shopping. ☺ *interviewer intrusion* Yup. Knowing your mother? I am SO not surprised to hear that you're excellent at shopping too!

I hang out with my friends a lot on the weekends. We usually watch movies and gossip, normal girl stuff. My family and I travel a lot on the weekends: road trips, beach trips. We surf and shop and hike and stuff.

On Cliques

Do you encounter many cliques at school? Inclusive? Exclusive? Nice? Mean?

My school is huge. REALLY huge. So there's not that many cliques. We have our "popular" people but it's not too bad. I get along with all the ‘groups’ of people. And even though I’m only a sophomore, since I’m in all Honors and AP classes, I’m in class with lots of juniors and seniors, so I have lots of upper classmen friends, too. We don't have the mean girls of the school. It's kinda nice.

My dance studio is kind of far from my school district, so I have a lot of friends from the dance company that go to other high schools. There are some cliques in the dance company, but, again, I get along with everyone. I’m nice to everyone and everyone is nice to me.

On Drinking and Drugs

How common is drinking?

Drinking is pretty common at my school. I do not do it, but you always hear about the "crazy" parties and such.

What about drugs? (And, if so, which types?)

Drugs are also quite common at my school. Like all high schools, you have the stoners.

On Bullying

How common is bullying? In real life? Online? How do other people react to it?

Bullying is common at my school. I don't get picked on, and I’ve never picked on anyone, but there are people who do pick on others. Last year a boy in my grade killed himself (with his dad’s gun) because he was bullied so badly. He was the nicest kid. It's sad. People don't know when to stop.

On Sex

If you’re comfortable, tell me about what you hear, or know about sex as a teen? (Don’t worry! You don’t have to tell us anything personal here, generalized is fine—and, actually, preferred.)

There are plenty of girls (and boys) in my school having sex. (Some of them were having sex in middle school!) None of my close friends (or I) have had sex yet, even the ones who’ve been in long term relationships.

Thanks so much for answering my questions, Morgan!! You're welcome back anytime :) 

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