Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teen Spy First Line Picks

Last week, we opened our comments for your first lines--and today, our teen spies share which ones they liked the most! (Seriously, I'm happy not to be a teen right now, because it would have been SO hard to choose. Those first lines were killer*!)

We put all the first lines into Wordle.net, to see what similarities jumped out--and you guys had some very unique first lines, because so few words were in common! But just for fun, here's a snapshot of the wordle anyway :)
(click to enlarge)
And now onto the first lines our teen spies selected!

Lissa (aka Funny Bunny)

I want my baby back. (submitted by Dunya M)
I really like this first line because it screams to me that the person thinking such has made a mistake, or that something has happened, and that the reader is in for a great ride in making things right.

Amelia Ben Ari didn't grace many parties with her presence anymore, but when Kelly asked, then pleaded, then begged her to go to Dean Hessler's end-of-summer blowout, she acquiesced. (submitted by Becky)
Oh, how I love this first line! Not only is it in third person – I’m assuming – but it’s also of my favourite genre, contemps. I think this first line is fantastic because it gives us the scoop on what kind of characters we’re about to encounter – a seemingly bratty Amelia, a desperate Kelly, a spontaneous Dean. With a first line like this one, I’d keep reading without a doubt.

Lennon Volture (aka Athena Darkholme)

Steal a car. (submitted by Bee)
I liked "Steal a car" because it was an odd way to start out a book or anything for that matter. It caught my attention instantly.

The day that I was born, they drowned my town. (submitted by Meg McKinlay)
I liked "The day that I was born, they drowned my town" because it also caught my attention. It is something that I was dissapointed that I couldn't get to read more. It seemed like an interesting beginning to a really interesting story.

Lynsay (aka Double L-7) 

From the the day of my birth to the night I came in contact with Clover Leaf Investigations, I only ever really mattered to one person. (submitted by J Larkin)
I like this one because it has the specific name of this organization, so not only do I want to know the deal with this Clover Leaf Investigations place, I also want to know who the "one person" is and why they are the only one.

"Her friend is hot," I heard Warren the bass player murmur to Hawkins as I tried to pretend I wasn't stuck in the same crammed elevator overhearing the embarassing conversation about what to do with me. (submitted by L Spiegel)
This sounds like it will be a very relatable story. There are musicians which is always a plus. I also want to why these people are in an elevator. Is it a hotel? Where is it? It seems funny, it caught my attention, and raised questions.

Katie (aka Thia Penny Black) 
(Thia Penny Black picked her top three!)

I want my baby back. (submitted by Dunya M)
I like this one because it has a lot of feeling tied into it. It makes you stop and think about a mother losing her child.

Mysty didn’t notice the black knight at the bottom of the stairs until she tripped over its mace. (submitted by Janice)
This one is shocking, it made me laugh and become interested.

I believe silence is the sound we make when a voice would have no meaning. (submitted by Lexie)
This last one feels more like a saying people would discuss, but a more thoughtful way to start a book.

And there you have it! Our teen spies have spoken!

What about you guys? Which lines from the comments of last Thursday's post (found here) were your favorites? And why?

*hehe, spy humor.



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