Saturday, December 3, 2011

Comment of the Week

Each Thursday we ask you a question, and on Saturday we pick the author of our favorite answer to win a prize from THE VAULT as a thank you for participating.

This week's winner, who told us one of her favorite YA book covers and why, is. . .

Stefi Hors!
My all-time favorite cover is Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl.

The way the girl is trapped inside the car, windows all fogged up, looking out at the world, with the book's title written in the fogginess with her finger is just the perfect depiction of what the book is about.

Short summary of the plot: Deanna's father catches her having sex in the car. At 13. Fast forward to age 15, and her whole identity is till defined by that one stupid moment. Everyone in school still thinks she's a total slut. Even though that's the only guy she's ever been with. The guy she slept with makes fun of her. Her parents assume all she's about is sleeping with boys.

That's why I love the cover - the car and what she did there trapped her, the way she's stuck in the car in the cover. That one action has become her identity - people can't see her, just what she once did. Like the foggy windows in the cover, everyone's perception of her is shaded by her past action.

And it seems to me that, in the cover, she's looking out the back window. Because her history has become her and she can't move forward.

But now she's trying to rewrite herself, like she writes the title of the book in the window, writing through the fog. To rewrite her story, her past and herself - for herself.

I love it when a book's cover can completely sum up the concept of the story. And well, your analysis completely turned me onto this one. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Stefi!

Stefi, please send us an email to claim your prize!

Thanks to everyone who participated this week! And check back next Thursday for another chance to win some fabu stuff from The Vault!


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