Thursday, December 8, 2011

M is for Music.

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Today's question:

Which band/artist inspires your writing the most? (If any!)

Our answers:

Alexandra: I listen to a lot of instrumental stuff: Vali, Apocalyptica, classical music (love Vivaldi especially), and there's this album that Lowland did called Classical Trancelations which is instrumental covers of trance songs--it's really brilliant, actually. As a fantasy writer I like things that sound otherworldly and grand. I also like duets (like "Another Heart Calls" by AAR). But my favorite favorite music to listen to is Nightwish. Their music is as epic as movie scores or symphonies. Technically they're metal, but they use so much orchestral instrumentation in their songs and each song has so many juxtaposing parts, it's so different from what people generally think of as "metal." Plus the hard guitars and fast drums are the foundation and accent pieces upon which truly beautiful music is built, to the point that it sounds like someone added guitars to classical music instead of the other way around. Nightwish releases instrumentals of their songs, too, so I put the instrumentals on loop when I'm writing certain scenes; they're great because I don't get distracted singing along. I'm going fangirl because their new album just came out (but not in the US yet! Gah!). This response is getting epic in length, so I'll leave you with probably the geekiest and most stalkery thing I'll say all year or ever in public: I want to write a novel for every album of Nightwish's, and then do it again and again until my writing comes close to living up to what I hear in their music.

Cristin: I can't listen to anything with lyrics when writing. If I can't get silence, I'll listen to white noise, movie soundtracks, or instrumental music like Sigur Ros. I do have three songs that represent my current WIP for me, though: "Chimera" by Duncan Sheik, "Fear" by Sarah McLachlan and "Have You Got It In You" by Imogen Heap. They're all heavily electronic, full of intrigue, dark and a bit dangerous with a hint of sweetness deep down.

Copil: I'm easily distracted so listening to music while writing quickly derails into an off-key ABBA karaoke nightmare (There was something in the air that night/The stars were bright/Fernando!!!!!!). So while I don't listen to music when I write there's plenty of music that gets me excited about opening a blank page. Besides the aforementioned ABBA, I am also a huge fan of female rappers like MC Lyte, pre-Cover Girl Queen Latifah, Salt-n-Pepa (Salt-n-Pepa's on the mic/makin' sure you like/The type of hype/That's unbelievable to write!!!! - please, stop me before I kill again!), Eve, Missy Elliott, and Nicki Minaj, among others. Mariachi music and Mexican pop also puts me in a creative mood because they are usually telling short stories in their music. I like Vicente Fernandez, Julietta Venegas, Juanes and Calle 13. Beyond that, I want to run to my keyboard when I hear anything with an interesting or fast beat like Coldplay and Linkin Park. Then there's the nerd stuff which makes wish I could bring the funny and the smart as well as they do: MC Frontalot, They Might be Giants and Weird Al Yankovic. And, of course, to cleanse the palette, Insane Clown Posse. What? Don't judge.

Alison: For me, my WIP playlist depends on the story. The music that inspires me to write and puts me in the zone has ranged from Simple Minds to Taylor Swift to Pitbull. But there is one artist who consistently makes my playlist - Katy Perry. Firework, Teenage Dream, Hot n Cold. ET. I am all over The One That Got Away right now. Does she write these songs just for me and my stories? Seriously.

Karen: Blue October gets me all stirred up emotionally. I relate many of their songs to scenes from my stories. Justin (lead singer) just has so much pain, soul, and heart in his lyrics, and his voice. Can't get enough of Blue October. Also, Snow Patrol always seem to sing something totally appropriate for one or two of my characters.
And then, of course, there is Moby. I even named my dog Moby (eleven years ago) because I loved Moby the musician so much. Over a decade later, that man still "gets me" with his music.

Cambria: Mine's a four-way tie, but only because it really depends on what I'm writing...but I'll say The Civil Wars, Joshua Radin, Explosions In the Sky, and some select songs from The Cranberries ALWAYS seem to make it onto my playlists. I typically like a more soothing sound when I'm concentrating on my characters' emotional arc, so I think these artists evoke that perfect mellow vibe that really lets you just tap into those feelings. LOVE THEM!

Sara: And mine's a three-way tie between Florence and the Machine, Adele, and 30 Seconds to Mars. I mean, almost every single Adele song has made it into a WIP playlist at some point or another. Actually, same with Florence and just about the same with 30STM. And even when the lyrics don't fit exactly, I still write to all three bands because of the mood they evoke. Of course I'll throw in some Katy Perry and Ne-Yo, because E.T. and Beautiful Monster are two of the theme songs for my current WIP :) 

Your turn!!


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