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Quadruple Teen Interview Part 1

We started YA Confidential with one thing in mind: All things teen, all the time. To stay on task with that goal, we'll frequently interview teens to gauge their thoughts on books and life. To read more, check out our past teen interviews!

Today, I teamed up with Mr. Matthew MacNish (someone I'm sure you all know--and if not, check out his fabulous blog! And twitter!) and his daughters and their friends. And, I mean, seriously, these teens are amazing. They took the time to answer our questions even with their busy schedules. :) 

Name: Nikki
Age: 15
Sex: F
Location: GA

Name: Alex
Age: 15
Sex: M
Location: GA

Name: Abbie
Age: 15
Sex: F
Location: GA

Name: Kylie
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location: Georgia
On Books

What’s your all-time favorite book? And what’s one that you read recently and loved? (And why?!)

Nikki: The Keys to the Kingdom series. Eh, The Mothman, I likes it for the creepiness!

Alex: Harry Potter series because it is amazing. Hunger Games, they are epic.

Abbie: The Year I Turned Sixteen, by Diane Schwartz, and Sentimental Bulls#*t, by Magenta Periwinkle, (both because of the suspenseful love stories and the characteristics of the main girls..

Kylie: Death Gate CycleTale of Two Cities, it was interesting.

How do you decide which books to read, other than the ones assigned to you in school?

Kylie: If the back is interesting.

Alex: If I like the cover :P or the title.

Abbie: If I can relate in some way, or if it feels like I’d like it.

Nikki: Main character, sexuality, plot and setting.

What keeps your interest in a book?

Abbie: Mainly character development & relationship twists. I love emotional roller coasters.

Kylie: Characterization.

Nikki: Character.

Alex: If it shows, not tells, and has suspense.

What do you wish you saw more of in books? (Types of characters, types of plots, etc.)

Nikki: LGTB.

Alex: More philosophical characters, less books about being heroes or lovey doveys more about friendship. Suspense plots.

Kylie: Snarky characters.

Abbie: Fictional but not fantasy, forbidden romance.

Anything you’d like to add?

Abbie: I’m an aspiring writer :D

On a Day in the Life

Tell me about a standard day in your life during the school year. What’s your schedule like? What do you like to do in your spare time? How often do you hang out with your friends—and what do you do when you’re with them?

Kylie: In my spare time, I knit. I don’t hang out with my friends very often.

Nikki: My life is boring at home I play video games and draw I hate math at school. Friends I hang out with I do on the weekends, and play games.

Alex: In my spare time: Music and facebook. I hang out with my friends as often as I can, and do whatever I want.

Abbie: I usually spend most of my time at school attempting to get a 4.0 GPA so I can go to a good college. My spare time is spent writing & reading & once a month I hang out with my two closest friends and we watch movies and play truth or dare.

On Slang

What are the newest catchphrases or slang sayings?

Kylie: Epic, Legit.

Alex: Depends on what clique you’re in.

Abbie: Totes ... it’s short for totally and I don’t like it.

Nikki: You’re a towel!

What words would you use to describe something that is really cool? What words are so old that you would never say them? Here are some examples (feel free to write something else in if these dorky adults have never heard of it):

Cool       Epic       Awesome       Sick       Ill       Tight       Sweet
Sexy       Crazy         Badass        Good         Smart         Wicked

Nikki: Epic, Awesome, Sick, Ill, Tight, Sweet, Badass, Smart, Wicked, Spiffy

Alex: Cool, Epic, Awesome, Sweet, Good, British

Abbie: Cool, Epic, Awesome, Sweet, Badass, Good

Kylie: Cool, Epic, Awesome, Sweet, Sexy, Badass, Good

What words would you use to describe something that sucks? What words are so old you would never say them? Here are some examples (again, feel free to write something in):

Lame         Stupid         Retarded         Weak         Shit
Bad          Crap         Wack          Sucks         Douche

Abbie: Lame, Stupid, Shit, Crap, Sucks

Kylie: Lame, Stupid, Shit, Bad, Crap, Sucks, Douche

Alex: Lame, Stupid, Retarded, Bad, Crap, Sucks, Dumb

Nicki: Lame, Stupid, Weak, Wack, Sucks

People used to say "gay" to mean something sucked, but I'm hoping that's changed. What do you guys see in your lives?

Abbie: I still see people using it as a derogatory term. It’s horrible, and I hate when people use it as such.

Nikki: People still say gay.

Kylie: People still say gay. I hope that they stop saying fag(got) in the negative.

And there you have it! This is just the first part of the interview--check back next Monday for part two where Abbie, Nikki, Kylie, and Alex will give us the skinny on cliques, bullying, drugs, and sex.

Thanks so much to Matt, Kylie, Nicki, Abbie, and Alex!


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