Friday, December 16, 2011

Tales from the Locker Room (and Other Stalk Worthy Places)

Okay, so I really don’t stalk the locker room, but I do pick up on some interesting things in my classroom and in the hallways. I've bribed a few former students into doing my dirty lurking. And I have some classes willing to answer some questions (cause they LOVE me).

This month, in addition to listening in on the latest lingo, I asked my teens about Christmas—their traditions, vacations, New Years. Here’s what I learned.

Some popular Christmas traditions

Open PJs on Christmas Eve

Christmas mass, dinner, opening gifts

Make a bunch of treats

Four wheeler riding

Decorating/putting up the Christmas tree

We make reindeer food and cook on Christmas Eve

Many answered with a variation of one of these

We open a present the night before Christmas and wait until everyone wakes up to start opening gifts.

Visit one side of the family Christmas Eve; the other, Christmas day

On their plans for Christmas break

Travel, snowboarding, visiting family, WORK, hanging out with friends, sleeping in, getting a driver’s license, looking for a job, college stuff (applications, scholarships), shopping, parties

And do any of them make New Year’s resolutions?

The results were surprisingly split. Almost half of them said that they did make resolutions. Here are a few of interesting yeses.

Yes, but they really don’t happen

Yes, you can start over with your life

I jokingly make them, don’t keep them though

I make a New Year’s resolution that I know I’ll actually go by for the rest of the year (Agent A note: ME TOO!)

Yes, you should reflect upon yourself and try to make personal improvements

And my favorite

Yes, cause I try to move up with the Jeffersons

Agent Saradise hosted this AMAZING interview the other day with four awesome teens (if you missed it, check it out here!), and she asked them about common lingo, books, other teen stuff. So, rather than doing my typical word of the month, I decided to ask my teens some of the same questions.

On what they're sayin'

Chill, rawr, buggn, lame, swagg, legit, literally, bro, dope, stoked, ill, that’s dead, raw, bet, fail, breezy

Some definitions:

1) dinosaur for I love you

OR how many of my students probably use it
2)more sexually oriented version of the word "roar"

bet: yes OR okay OR I agree

dope: A word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc.

What they’d like to see more of in books

Historical fiction (I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when this one was voiced by several of my teens), murder, mystery, betrayal, rape, superheroes, realistic superheroes, futuristic and magical worlds, psychological thrillers

And one that was particularly fascinating

Books about teenagers who are parents

So, that’s what’s happenin' with my teens. Anything I’m missing? What traditions, wordage, book topics are swirling around in your world?

Happy Holidays!


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