Monday, January 23, 2012


It's Monday.

Last night, my Ravens lost by 3 points.
Double bleh.

I was fighting a bad cold all weekend.
Triple bleh.

But worst thing? Several of our operatives are in Dallas, Texas, having fun at ALA, while the rest of us are sitting at home wishing we were there. BLEHHHHHH!

Here's the thing about ALA. You get TONS of free books. AWESOME books. Books that many people would give an appendage or two to have in their possession. Especially the ARCs. Also, you get to hang out with amazing writerly peeps.

But I'm not there. I'm at home with a really bad case of ALA envy. I torture myself by reading tweets like these:
Standing in a super long line for Bitter Blue. *fingers crossed*

So fun! Just got a random limo ride to dinner with , , and :)

Some tweets are even accompanied by a photo which makes it even more painful because I can SEE how much fun my fellow operatives are having...

Met at ALA -- even more awesome in person! And she's wearing a sticker!
Painful, isn't it?
They all look so happy. And look behind them. Do you KNOW how many incredible books and authors must be lurking in the background. Makes me wanna pull out a few pints of Ben & Jerry's and cry myself into a sugar coma.

No, but seriously, I shouldn't be SO upset. Our operatives are so sweet and thoughtful. I know someone will send me a book or two. (As if that in any way makes up for me not being there in person to hang out and have fun and meet authors and bum-rush tables for most wanted ARCs and drink delicious Blood Marys at the hotel bar and ride in a limo and...oh, sorry.) Back to my point.

Our operatives are so thoughtful and generous. I KNOW they are also acquiring some amazing books for our Vault. Maybe even a signed book or two. That means YOU readers will have a chance to win those awesome reads. And for that, we should all be grateful.

Have any of you ever been to ALA?
Any ARCS or books that you know are at ALA and you wish you had?


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