Saturday, January 28, 2012

Comment of the Week and Wintergirls Giveaway Winner!

Each Thursday we ask you a question, and on Saturday we pick the author of our favorite answer to win a prize from THE VAULT as a thank you for participating.

This week's winner, who told us which release she's most excited about is:


I'm going to have to say INSURGENT by Veronica Roth. DIVERGENT is the only book that I have read more than once in the same year (even crazier, in less than two months). It was Just. That. Good. It also single-handedly prompted to me to get up off my arse and try writing my own book. Six months later, I have 300+ pages written to that end. Talk about a powerful first book :-)! If INSURGENT is anywhere near as gripping and influential, then I need to start preparing. Who knows what kind of new goal/passion/totally bonkers idea will spring from this one. Please don't be weapons training, please don't be weapons training...

What an AWESOME answer! We're all very excited for INSURGENT too, and how incredible that it inspired you to write your own novel!

Jaime, shoot us an e-mail and let us know what Vault prize you want! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who commented. Come back on Thursday for another question!

ALSO a super gihugic THANK YOU to those of you who commented on the Wintergirls posts Tuesday and Wednesday. The lucky random commenter who wins a hard cover copy of Wintergirls is


Natalie, shoot us an email with your address so you can start reading ASAP! Thanks again to everyone for the kind and heartfelt comments!


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