Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comment of the Week

Each Thursday we ask you a question, and on Saturday we pick the author of our favorite answer to win a prize from THE VAULT as a thank you for participating. 

This week's winner is:

Jessica Silverstein!!

When asked about her desert island book, she answered:

Hmm.  By sheer number of re-reads?  Probably Little Women.  Or if I was strictly limited to one title, and I wanted a book whose prose and richness is most rewarding over and over?  Probably my annotated Pride and Prejudice.  Obviously my Riverside Shakespeare would be good as I slowly went crazy and started acting out all the roles myself, playing against monkeys and coconut trees.  And The Hunger Games combines practical survival tactics with writing so exciting that it's the only book I've ever been able to finish and immediately start again.  But then there's the completely magical world of The Scorpio Races, and the gut-wrenching relationships of The Time Traveler's Wife and His Dark Materials trilogy.  But the book that I might actually choose?  As tough as this is, I would take Anne of Green Gables.  A Little Princess was a close second--and both for the same reason.  In both books, the precocious protagonists use their imaginations to improve upon difficult situations and keep their spirits up.  I'd choose Anne over Sara by a narrow margin because she's a little spunkier, and you need spunk on a desert island.  I mean, I imagine you do.  But I wouldn't want to find out!

Fabulous answer!! I mean, I was drawn to it because you couldn't seem to stop yourself from rambling about ALL THE BOOKS you'd want to bring. Which I did in my own answer :) But we loved your line of thinking!

Jessica, shoot us an e-mail and let us know what Vault prize you want! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who commented. Come back on Thursday for another question!


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