Monday, January 30, 2012

Join The Mission: Link Round-Up and New Assignment

This month we launched a new feature: Join The Mission, a chance for you to become an operative and help us all figure out how to write more authentic YA.

For January's assignment, we asked you to interview a teen and then report back to us. Five of you answered the call:
Sarah Belliston interviewed an American teen living in Dubai.
Tania Walsh interviewed her niece about crushes, bullying, and embarrassing mishaps.

The ladies at We Heart YA interviewed teen Mara about what she reads and what's overdone in YA.

Becky interviewed 14 year old Maddy about her life and her favorite books.

PK Hrezo interviewed teen writer/blogger McKenzie about everything reading.
We're so happy we had so many participants, and we hope you enjoyed it! I know you're all going to enjoy reading these interviews, because there are some great insights into a bunch of different teen lives, so check them out and leave some love! And if you participated in Join The Mission but didn't have a chance to tell us about it, leave your link in the comments!

Okay, so, ready for more?

YA Confidential aims to help writers create more authentic young adult literature by giving them insight into today's teens. Each month, they issue a mission to their readers. February's mission, which I have chosen to accept, is to:


We know what the teens say, but now we want to hear from the gate-keepers! What books fly off their shelves? How do they gauge what is and isn't appropriate for their students? What have they observed from their teens that the teens themselves would never tell us?

To participate, just interview a teacher/librarian sometime in the month of February, post it along with the image and text to help spread the word, and then report back! We'll post a link round-up at the end of the month so everyone can check out your interview.

Thanks SO much to January's participants. We hope to have even more of you in February! Now get reading and interviewing!


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