Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teen Critiques: TITLES!

Remember last month, when our teens critiqued a follower's first page? And the month before when we held the First Line Teen Critique? Yeah, we're doing it again. In fact, we'll be doing something like this every month :)

Except today, it's not first pages or first lines--it's...

dun dun dunnnn

... titles.

Yep. Titles. Yesterday's post was your hint of what was to come. :)

Leave your current title in our comment section and over the weekend our teen spies will take a look and tell us which ones grabbed their interest the fastest! 


Just titles. NO descriptions. That's it. 

And we know sharing bits and pieces of your babies can be scary, so we're not leaving you hanging. To kick it off, YA Confidential operatives are sharing some of our titles with you first! (Well... *coughcough* some of us *points to self* are sharing titles for old, unfinished books because our current ones don't have freaking titles yet... *coughcough*)

Cristin: All Our Yesterdays

Cambria: The Killing Trees

Alison: Chick Magnet

Sara: The Metamorphosis Project

Copil: Miguel and the Robot Mariachi

Karen: Grasping at Eternity

Alexandra: Melinda Undead

Your turn!

And don't forget to check back on Tuesday to see what our teens had to say.


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