Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teen Title Picks!

Last Thursday you guys were brave enough to share your working titles with us. And, dude, they were awesome. THIS (*points to self*) titleless girl was insanely jealous of all your mad titlelicious skills. (Yep. New word: titlelicious.)

Today our teen spies and analysts share which ones stood out the most to them, and why!

Teen: Lennon

Fragment of the Moon, OblivionDusty SkiesNot A Child Anymore, and Asylum:Revolt.

They basically drew me in all for the same reasons: they were dark, filled with mystery, and just seemed very interesting.

Teen: Laura

Undertow – this title definitely has my attention right away. It’s quite unique and immediately makes me want to know more!

What Counts – I think this title is really beautiful. It delivers a great message and a lot of depth without being “too much”.

Sway – It’s so simple, just one word, but I think it packs a lot of impact and has me intrigued right from the get go.

Teen: Katie

Admit to No One - this title pops out. Just the title makes the book sound suspenseful and adventurous.

All That Was Lost - this title makes the book sound like a journey that will be taken to find something important that was lost.

Not a Child Anymore - I love this title. So many teens these days feel like they're adult. This book by it’s title will relate to the teens and if written right will be a well-sold book. This title is my favorite.

Teen: Rebecca

The two titles that really stood out to me were, Sing Down the Stars and Far Away Eyes, as both are interesting and original. They are intriguing and catch my attention and based on the titles I would pick them up to find out more.

Teen: Gracie

Wow, this has made me realize how much I use other stuff like blurbs and covers, as well as the title, to pick out books to read. :) Anyway, here are the three that stuck out to me:

Goodbye 1940s - This title made me curious as to what, exactly, it could possibly be about. Also what kind of book it is (fluffy? quirky? intense?).

Dragons Are People, Too - Even though this title doesn't really make sense, the title gives the idea that it's a funny, quirky book. Also, I like dragons.

Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon - This also made me curious about what the book is about. It sounds pretty, too.

Teen: Alyssa

Those are some really impressive, creative titles.

U SHO ME YRS, IL SHO U MYN - for some reason, this title made me laugh out loud. I love this saying so much and I think the author's way of interpreting and writing it is creative and is sure to lead to an entertaining story. I can't help but think that with such a fun title that the book will be equally fun.

One Sided Triangle - I love this title A LOT. It makes me wonder what TYPE of triangle the author could be referring to - a love triangle, perhaps? - and what happened/or why that is.

Teen: Erica

All That Was Lost - This was the one that grabbed my attention most - I wanted to know WHAT was lost, why was it lost, and what happened to make things go that way.

Oblivion - I liked the simplicity of this title, yet beyond the simplicity of the title, there is so much to think about. It makes me wonder who is in Oblivion and what is their story.

There ya have it, folks. Our teens have spoken. :) 

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a title--and to our fabulous teens! 


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