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Happy Teen Tuesday! Our first teen interview of 2012 is with...are you ready for it?...drum roll please...A TEEN GUY!AND, he's a reader! Like, as in, he reads more than just what's assigned to him in school. But, he also kicks butt at hockey! He's got the makings of a perfect male hero in a YA novel. Go ahead teen girls, take a moment to swoon.

Matt's dad is a dear friend of mine. When I first met Matt, we were in a local restaurant and he had a book in his hand. I asked him what he was reading and I was pleasantly surprised when we ended up in a discussion about YA novels. I'm sure some of you would be as interested as I was to hear Matt's opinions on things, so without further ado...

Name: Matthew
Codename: Trigger
Location: Florida
Age: 15
Grade: 9th

Karen: What’s your all-time favorite book and why?
Matt: It would have to be Inheritance by Christopher Paolini due to the fact that it's a tale of adventure, action and mystery.

Karen: How do you decide which books to read, other than the ones assigned to you in school?
Matt: I read the descriptions and I read based on author, series or physical appeal.

Karen: Speaking of physical appeal, what do you think of the popular male characters who girls swoon over in the well-known books? (Edward, Jacob, Fang, etc.) Like them? Hate them?
Matt: I really don't care about the male characters that are loved for their bodies. I am not interested in those books even though I have heard of them.

Karen: Do many of your guy friends read as a hobby, or do most guys only read the bare minimum for school assignments?
Matt: Most of my guy friends tend to only read the bare minimum so that they can have more free time to themselves.

Karen: Obviously you play a lot of hockey. How much time do you devote to that?
Matt: Generally, about 5-6 days a week on the ice.

Karen: What else do you like to do in your spare time?
Matt: I usually sleep, eat, play video games and text friends.

Karen: How often do you hang out with your friends—and what do you do when you’re with them? (Are they mostly guys or a mix of girls and guys?)
Matt: I usually don't spend too much time with my friends seeing as I'm so busy with my athletics and academics. My friends are a mix between guys and girls.

Karen: Do you see a lot of bullying in your school?
Matt: I don't see a lot of bullying in my school, but I do see an abundance of drugs and there have been some fights throughout the school.

Karen: What do you and your friends look for in a girl? What makes you interested or not interested in them?
Matt: My friends and I generally and unfortunately only tend to focus on the good looking girls.

Karen: At least your honest about it. ;) I know this is getting kind of personal, but I've heard girls can be very forward these days and even proposition guys via text message or Facebook. What do you think of that kind of behavior?
Matt: Personally, I think it's none of my business what other people do, but I would want that stuff to be more of a private thing.

Karen: Recently, I told you to enjoy these years of school and hockey, because being an adult and having to work for a living really sucks. Any idea what you want to do after your graduate?
Matt: After I obtain my graduate I plan to either go into some sort of historical work or into the law enforcement field. That's if I don't make it to the NHL.

Karen: Most of our readers are female, so it's rare that we get a guy's perspective on things. All the ladies are probably hanging on your every word. Any final guy wisdom or thoughts you'd like to share?
Matt: I would suggest just being yourself and enjoying what you're doing. I don't play so much hockey because I am forced to. And my final piece of advice is don't do anything you will come to regret later.

Thanks so much, Matt!


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