Thursday, January 12, 2012

Which character do YOU see in the mirror?

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Today's question:

(Warning, this one's a doozy!) Which character you've read in a book most reminded you of yourself? And why? 

AlexandraIf I could cheat a little bit and name someone from TV before I really start in on my answer, I'd say Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. Which, trust me, isn't a flattering comparison. I am messy in my living space, often put my passionand my work (if they happen to not be the same thing) before my relationships and social life, and tend to say rather prickly things without thinking much about it like she does. And now to redeem myself, the character Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle reminds me of myself, which is interesting after my claim that I'm Cristina's personality twin. But Sophie stands out in my mind because she's this interesting blend of timid and confident, self-conscious and assertive, and I've been told I'm the same way (though to be honest I don't always see the confident part!) Although I do have to say, in full disclosure, that I have never been inside a moving castle. It's on the "to do" list.

Cristin:  I don't know that I've read a character recently that particularly reminded me of myself, but when I was young I identified very strongly with Meg Murray from A Wrinkle in Time (and I SO wanted my own Calvin to clean my glasses and tell me I had dream-boat eyes!). In retrospect, I don't think Meg and I are similar at all, but I think her insecurity, her feelings of never being right, and her unexpected strength really resonated with me. 

Copil: Doug from Fat Vampire by Adam Rex. 'Nuff said.

Cambria: SERIOUSLY, WHAT'S WITH THE HARD QUESTIONS??? And why is this hard to answer? Because EVERY character I read is me. Melinda in Speak? I wasn't raped, but I've regrettably kept silent about things in the past, only to realize now it was the only way I knew how to deal with it at the time. Katniss in The Hunger Games? I've never gone hunting for survival or had to fight to the death, but I've wrestled with that precariously wild kind of helplessness you get when your responsibility over a loved one is threatened. And Clay in Thirteen Reasons Why? I'm not a boy and no one I know (personally) has ever committed suicide, but I often stay awake at night wondering why some people do the things they do...and then I'll fall asleep promising to always be conscious of how my actions may affect others. It's an impossible question because if a character is created successfully, you can't not identify with them. 

Alison: This is another difficult question because I find bits of myself in so many of the characters I read about. But if I have to narrow my choices, I will choose two. Anna (Anna and the French Kiss). I see myself in her every inner thought.  Oh God. What is. With. The scary enthusiasm?  I totally felt like she did my first days and nights away at college, and I made choices based on what I thought other people wanted me to do or based on what they needed. I never did anything because it was what I wanted. I saw the same in Anna.

My second choice is Lia from Wintergirls. She just hits way too close to home.
Karen: Piper from Solstice by PJ Hoover, because I'm pretty sure one of my exes was Hades and I fell for him just like Piper did--mind control and all. I also can totally relate to living in sweltering heat (Florida) and I'm loyal to my friends (sometimes to a fault). However, I'm not a god, so Piper is way more kickbutt than me.
Sara: I mean, duh. Clearly my answer is Katniss. I'm just like her in every single way. Totally badass. Okay. Sarcasm. But seriously, who hasn't wanted to be like her in some aspects? Although, my bio speaks the truth--I did make a boy kiss my sister's foot after he made her cry on the school bus. So, maybe I have had my Katniss moments. Or let's go with the opposite end of the spectrum. Bella Swan. There are parts of her that immensley reminded me of my teenage self. Some of her weakest moments? Yeah, I had very similar ones. I guess my point here is that I'm able to see parts of myself (past or present) in almost every character I read. In fact, most of the books I set aside without finishing are stories with characters I can't do that with.

Your turn!!


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