Thursday, February 23, 2012

On the big screen...

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Today's question:
What movie have you seen recently and loved--and why?

Cristin: Chronicle. Despite feeling insanely queasy for the last twenty minutes (a bad mix of too much popcorn and a hand-held camera) I was really pleasantly surprised. The characters were 100% pure teen boy, and the found footage gimmick was actually very effective. 

CopilI really liked Tin Tin. It felt like classic (read, pre-crystal skulls) Spielberg. And visually it was amazing! At times it was like watching a dream. A good one. Not one of mine where I'm naked and late for work.

Alexandra: That Thing You Do. I watched it again with Karen a couple days ago. The tale of a 60s one hit wonder. Awesome movie, with a super cute leading guy!

Karen: Crazy Stupid Love. Two words: Ryan Gosling. The Dirty Dancing scene totally would have worked on me too. 

Sara: Yeah. What Karen said. She pretty much gave my answer verbatim. Sigh. Ryan Gosling. Sigh. 

Cambria: I sense a theme because MY pick is also a Ryan Gosling movie -- Blue Valentine. Half of the movie he's beer-gut sexy, rather than normal RyGos sexy...but the movie is hearbreakingly beautiful and totally raw. It's such a wonderful study of two people in and out of love. Plus Ryan Gosling. That is all.

Alison: The Muppets: Gonzo, campy musical numbers. Jason Segel. Enough said.

Your turn!!


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