Thursday, February 16, 2012

Share the Love: Operatives' Turn

So we have a kind of awesome contest going on right now. In case you weren't aware: seven ARCs are up for grabs. Yes, seven. You read that correctly.

To enter all you have to do is answer a question for us*. But to make things fair, today we are answering the same question! 

The question: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make sure someone who needs it knows that they are loved. Or at least liked. Or at least not alone in the world. Tell us, how will you complete the mission?

Cristin: I can't divulge too many details about my mission, because my intended recipient sometimes reads this blog. But there's someone who's been doing a lot for me lately and will be finding a box of cupcakes on her desk soon.

CambriaFor Valentine's Day, I enlisted my daughter's help to send a special Valentine to my brother in Chicago, who's gone through some recent heartache and who we don't get to see nearly enough. We made a homemade card--complete with sparkly Tinkerbell stickers and heart-shaped doilies!--and put it in an envelope filled with heart confetti I'd cut out from construction paper. I know it'll totally make his day when he opens this envelope and sees all the love and fun that went into making it!

Alexandra: My parents were recently away on a 12 day trip. I bought flowers and made a pie, and left them waiting on their dining room table the day they got back.

Karen: A friend of mine recently lost her dad and wasnt up for taking calls after it first happened. I understood and gave her some time, then I called her and opened the conversation with "I wish we still lived close to each other so we could eat Ben and Jerry's, jam out to music, and pretend sad stuff never happened." She said that is exactly what she needed. She knows I love her and that she's not alone but I reminded her several times just to be sure. 

Copil: A good friend went through a rough divorce recently. I hadn't talked to him in a while so I called him and told him we were going to talk once a week whether he wanted to or not. He could just sit there and breath if he wanted to. He thanked me for thinking of him and I realized I got just as much out of reconnecting as he did. I only regret not doing it sooner.

Alison: Mission Accepted. 

Mission Target: My Mom

Reason for Selection: Because she’s super awesomely fantastic and, without her, my children wouldn’t get to school or half their activities and my house would be condemned from cringe-worthy uncleanliness.
Strategy My mother is a saint (she volunteers EVERYWHERE and just went on a mission trip to Honduras) and she just loves for people to listen to her stories and that’s the greatest gift I could give her—to revel in her stories and gush over her pictures from her trips and attend church functions with her. Time is her present and she’s going to get it. This month I will ask her to share stories from her day (no matter how many times she wants to tell them to me) and take time to look at the pictures she wants to share. I will try to attend a function at her church and if I can’t, I will treat her to lunch. Or coffee. Or tea. I will give her more than the five minutes I see her in the morning. Because she’s my mother and she deserves to know how wonderfully special she is.

Sara: Mine... is kind of super personal. So, I'll just say this:  I'm working very hard to get the message out to someone who feels very alone right now that they don't have to feel very alone right now. I'm not exactly sure how to get through--traditional methods wouldn't really fix this yet--but I'm working on it.  

So that's it for today! Next week we'll be back to regular From the Vault Thursdays. But for now, have you entered our giveaway yet? If not, CLICK HERE

(Up for grabs: Pandemonium, Gilt, Lucky Fools, 172 Hours on the Moon, The Book of Blood and Shadow, Wanderlove, The Selection...)

*okay, there are a few more steps involved. But they're GOOD steps. 


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