Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teen First Line Critiques!

Yep, it's that time again!

If you want the first line of your YA WIP read by a teen, leave it in our comments section. Our teens will read them over the weekend and on Tuesday we'll let you know which lines were their faves!

And again, so you don't feel nervous to share--here are some of the first lines we YA Confidential Operatives shared last time to kick it all off!

Cristin: The day I succumb to the devil inside of me is like any other since Mother died.

Karen: I needed to choose between the angel and the mermaid.

Sara: It began with a fire, Aisa told me once, and it grew with a kiss. 

Alison: There are fifty reasons my mind should be on school today, but Susan Milton should not be one of them.

Alexandra: When Morgana blinks, she sees another world.

Copil: Los Angeles asphalt tastes like butterscotch.

Cambria: They say children used to scream so loud in this spot you could hear them from a mile away.

So. Whether you missed last time, or tweaked what you submitted then, or just want to submit the same thing (hey, a different day, a different mind frame for an opinion!) leave your fabulous lines below!

Hurry--I can't WAIT to read them! :)

Oh! And if you read something you like in the comments, feel free to let the poster know!


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