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Today we're getting the undercover scoop on a hot YA book cover, Destiny's Fire, by Trisha Wolfe.
Karen: Quick! First word that comes to mind when you look at your cover?

Trisha: MINE! Ha! No, for reals, I guess I’d be, Yay! I was so amazed that my publisher found a girl that comes so close to how I envision Dez in my mind, I couldn’t believe it. To the look on her face and just everything about her, she is perfect.

K: Okay, now tell us a little about your story.

T: Well, as you know, most authors really don’t get much of a say in their covers. It’s a scary and exciting moment when you get the cover in your inbox. Omnific was great to work with, though. They first sent over four mock covers to get an idea of what I liked. I don’t think too many publishers do this. All the first mocks I didn’t really “feel”. So they sent over three more. You have to understand, Destiny’s Fire is a difficult cover to design, I believe, for anyone. There are so many different elements to the story, and I think the mesh between Paranormal and Steampunk was hard to pin down. When I got the final mock for what the cover was going to be, I’ll be honest here. I cried. I felt it was all wrong, and the first girl wasn’t Dez at all. The guy in the background didn’t have the “YA” guy feel to him, either. But, my publisher had put in countless hours, and so they decided that this would be the final one. After it went live, the response we got back from readers was overwhelming. So much so that my publisher decided that it would hurt the novel’s chances in the YA market, and they sent an email letting me know they would work up one last cover. I was so grateful for this, and to everyone who commented on the cover. It’s amazing how much things have changed over a few short years and the power of the Internet to reach your audience.

K: Tell us about the creation process with your publisher. Did you have any say and input?

T: I did! I didn’t have too much, but like I said before, they sent over mocks to determine which I liked the most. It was just bad luck that during that time, they couldn’t find the right girl, and we were under a tight schedule to get a cover out. Editing had already gone past the deadline for the ARCs, and I think everyone was feeling the pressure. So, before I received the last mock, we still hadn’t come to an agreement on a cover that worked. But in the end, you have to trust your publisher.

K: I know the first cover wasn’t such a big hit with your blog readers either, so give us the lowdown on what went down.

T: Oh, boy LOL Well, Kristi from the Story Siren was asked to do the cover reveal. And she got it up there pretty quick! Like, the day after I sent her the cover. I was literally holding my breath waiting for the comments to come in. I already knew the comments would be negative, not really liking it. But I had no idea the volume or the honesty that would come forth. I remember calling my mom on the phone and crying. Yes. I cried. Big time. It’s every writer’s dream to see their book in print, and that first moment when your book goes before people, you’re a basket case. The cover is SO important. It’s the face of your novel. For DF being my debut novel, I’ll be honest, that day was probably the hardest so far of my writing career. I hid for two days, hunkered down in my bed eating pounds of chocolate before I felt I had to show my face. I knew I had to do a blog post about it, and luckily my publisher contacted me that day letting me know they were going to rework the cover, so I knew I had to suck it up. What doesn’t kill us, right?

K: What’s your favorite part about your cover?

T: Well, on the old cover, I have to admit that I liked the “feel” of it. I liked the color and the mood. I don’t think of DF as a dark, dark novel. But there are some dark moments. So I did like that aspect of it. For the current cover, I love Dez! And the purple LOL I believe the girl, her pose, the light Steampunk element…everything about it captures the novel perfectly.

K: Anything you wish you could change?

T: Hmm. Sine I’m all about honesty here, I have to admit I’d probably change the smoke at the bottom. I think with the elements in the book that fire would have worked best, but I understand about using things that work best. But I would probably have tried to use white flame. That makes total sense to me.

K: Are there any meaningful details you’d like to point out?

T: I think in the digital version it’s hard to make out Dez’s eyes. On the cover she has violet eyes, and that’s so important in the story. I love the cover girl, but I wish her eyes could be a little more of the focal point.

K: Anything else you’d like to share about the process?

T: I think, not to sound cliché here, but these types of things happen for a reason, and they do make a person stronger. I know the readers get upset when a cover they don’t agree with hits the market, but only the writer can relate to just how hard getting a tough first cover can be. I learned a lot about people, readers, the market, and myself during this. I don’t think I would change any of the process now, though. I’m grateful for the experience and what it has taught me.

K: We like to spread the cover love here at YA Confidential, so, besides your own, what’s your favorite book cover and why?

T: Wow! That’s a hard one! There’re so many awesome covers…Okay. If I HAVE to pick one, I’m going to go with the Wicked Lovely Series. All of those covers are perfect for the dark feel, the story, and the characters from Marr’s creation. They’re simplistic yet convey the depth of the story beneath. I heart them.

Thanks so much for having me! Peace out.

About the author:

Trisha Wolfe is the author of the YA Steampunk/Paranormal Romance DESTINY'S FIRE. Her published short stories have appeared in YA literary journals and Fantasy magazines. UNVEILED is her first novelette and part of a Dystopian series releasing TBA. She’s written four books in the past two years, and is currently working on the sequel to DF and a new Sci-fi project. She’s represented by Lauren Hammond of ADA Management.






Personally, I love this cover. What do you think YA Con peeps?


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