Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Today's question:
What books did you read when you were younger that have inspired your writing today?

Our Answers

Cambria: Definitely Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine (who I got to see speak at SCBWI NY 2011!), and Lois Duncan! Without a doubt these three children's horror authors kept me up way too many nights past my bedtime, either reading under the sheets with a flashlight or overanalyzing every shadow on the wall. And here's a confession -- I've never read a Babysitter's Club book but I always wanted there to be a mashup where Pike or Stine killed them all off. So..yeah. :)

Alison: Apparently none of them since I can’t remember any. ;) But my writing (at least my earlier writing) was heavily inspired by James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series.

Sara: Oh man, so many authors come to mind. Piers Anthony, for sure. And Roald Dahl. And Christopher Pike. And Orson Scott Card. And... I'll stop now but I could go on for pages! NOT that my writing style matches any of theirs, but they opened my eyes and mind to adding supernatural elements to my stories.

Copil: Daniel Pinkwater's stuff was very influential. Lizard Music in particular. I loved that his characters had these crazy quests and met wacky (but safe) adults while living in fairly normal metropolises (metropolii?). It just made the real world seem like it harbored mystery and humor and adventure just around the corner. I loved that a book could transform my view of the real world.

Alexandra: Tamora Pierce's SONG OF THE LIONESS quartet and her WILD MAGIC quartet. I read all eight of those books in middle school, and I took them with me everywhere. I remember having one stuck to my hand in car rides (nausea be damned!) and at orthodontist appointments, in my bag at school and while bumping into things at the grocery store. Tamora Pierce really cemented my love of fantasy and my love of seeing humans triumph because of their humanity and not because of magical gifts or magical blood.

Cristin: I have two. My favorite book as a kid was The Giver, which definitely helped mould my taste in reading material and consequently what I write. Secondly I would say the His Dark Materials series, because that's what opened my eyes to modern YA and helped me define what kind of writer I wanted to be. 

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