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Hunger Games Teen Chat!

Unless you've been living under a rock (in which case, good on you for TOTALLY calling the housing bubble), you know that the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games premieres Friday. Or, as John Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate Entertainment calls it, Roll-Around-Buttered-and-Naked-In-a-Filthy-Pile-of-Cash Day.

Friday also represents a conflict for teachers across the nation who are equal parts horrified and excited that most of their students were inspired by a book to ditch class and catch a matinee screening. This, of course, only applies to the 8% of teachers who even make it to work on Friday after catching the midnight screening on Thursday and then knocking back Jager shots until 4:00 in the morning while debating Team Peeta vs. Team Gale.

In honor of such YA awesomeness, YA Confidential has essentially turned this hizzy into Hunger Games Central!

Yesterday, Agent A used the Peeta/Katniss almost-love-affair as a jumping off point to talk about unconditional love and why Agent A is a sucker for it EVERY TIME!

And later this week, Ask-a-Dude will have a special Hunger Games theme!

And tonight at 8:00pm EST we have a special open Twitter discussion about The Hunger Games (movie, books, commemorative Rue trading cards, etc.)! Just log into your Twitter account around 8pm and search or tweet using the hashtag: #YACHG (which stands for YAConfidential-Hunger Games).

In the meantime, we talked to our Teen Analysts. You've probably guessed by now but our Teen Chat this week is about String Theory and whether or not it is viable given its lack of basic disprovability.

Wait. Wait, wait, no, there's something else on my note card here. . .Ah, yes! String Theory is next week! Today we're talking (duh!) The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games is made entirely of awesomesauce.

One of the fun things about reading the book and then seeing the movie, is watching the transition from page to screen. You can find high quality versions of all the trailers here. Which one is your favorite?
Alison: GAH!!!! *dies* I cried and my daughter laughed at me - I think I'm going to need twenty boxes of tissues for this movie. 
Lexie: I think I may have watched the trailer somewhere around 20 times at this point. That's probably not healthy.

Of course, watching the clips can give rise to some health issues. One is known as Peetacide, characterized by its yeasty smell. Another is called Galeism, known for its elusive symptoms which may or may not be fake. Which infection are you hoping to catch?
Sara: I love Peeta--I just finished re-reading THG last night and I can't stand how much I love him. 
Cristin: He's the best. A good guy who isn't boring or self-righteous. 
Sara: My heart doesn't have enough room for all his bready goodness. I mean I love Gale too...but dude. PEETA. 
Karen: TEAM GALE!!!! *fist pump*  meh, who am I kidding. I love them both.

This brings us to the big question: Why doesn't Katniss JUST KISS HIM ALREADY?!
Copil: Someone suggested it was to show that she's not a narcissist, she doesn't just assume she's the center of attention. 
Lexie: I think she has focused herself so much on surviving, on just making it through, that she's become completely oblivious to Peeta--and Gale's—feelings. Also, romance isn't exactly emphasized in their society (the Districts, anyway). 
Cristin: Plus she's just generally stupid about love and attraction. She doesn't get that Gale loves her either. All of her energy goes into keeping herself and her family alive. There's no room for that stuff. 
Alison: I LOVE Peeta - but she barely knows him before the games. The first time he announces his crush is on live television so as much as I love Peeta - she's right to question it. 
Lexie: Yeah, I agree. I mean, I realize his comment was crucial to their survival in the games--playing it up for the sponsorship and all--but that convinces Katniss even further that it's just a ploy for the games, not genuine feelings.

Part of the book's appeal has always been putting ourselves in Katniss' shoes. What survival skills would you bring to the games?
Cristin: I actually used to teach archery at summer camp. I was pretty good. I did a lot of survival stuff at camp too, building fires, edible plants. I think I'd have a decent enough chance. 
Sara: I'm totally never leaving Cristin's side. What skill would I bring? FASHION! J/K. I used to be a gymnast, so I could probably climb trees and tumble my way in and out of the cornucopia...
Lexie: GYMNAST! I can climb a tree if it will support my weight, and I can . . . run away. Or I can do a ninja move where I do a front tuck step out and kick them in the face. That might work, too.
Alison: I have a math brain. IDK how that would help, but that's what I've got!
Copil: Your math would be very helpful. I'd be so scared I'd be like "Okay, how many people are left?" My skill is that I store body fat EXTREMELY efficiently. I could go without food for a loooong time.
Alex: I'm flexible.
Cam: I have no useful talents. Except I can hold my pee for a long time, so maybe while you guys are doing your business, I can kill you with a sneak attack? Just call me Camel Bladder Killer.
Copil: Definitely useful, Cam.

Each of us had particular scenes we're looking forward to seeing realized on the screen. What scene are you dying to see?
Cristin: The caaaaaaaave. Plus, I'm really interested to see how they'll use the reality TV aspect since it was something the books couldn't really get across as effectively as film can. 
Lexie: I just want to see if they can make Rue's death as emotional/beautiful as it was in the book. 
Alex: I wonder how Cato's final scene will be shown. The scene with the mutations showed enough and hid enough to be a frightful moment. 
Ana: What does Katniss do when she first gets to the top. 
Sara: I have nightmares about the mutation eyes!

Finally, many of us have spent so much time with these characters, it's going to be hard reconciling the cast with the pictures in our heads. Who are you excited to see play your favorite characters?
Lexie: I adore Jennifer Lawrence. At first, I was wary, but she's absolutely fantastic and I think she'll be perfect. 
Sara: I loooooove Rue. 
Cristin: Woody Harrelson is REALLY different from my mental image of Haymitch so I'm having trouble seeing that, but I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with it. 
Ana: Lenny Kravitz IS cool. 
Alex: I expected Haymitch to be...grayer. But the actor's fine.

Clearly we're all veeery excited to see this movie! Thanks to all our Teen Analysts for joining our discussion!

Remember, TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST, we have a special open Twitter discussion about The Hunger GamesTo join, just search and/or tweet using the hashtag: #YACHG.

Hope to see you tonight!


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