Monday, March 26, 2012

In which I wear RIDICULOUS(ly awesome) pink eyelashes and discuss movie etiquette and the awesomeness that is The Hunger Games movie...

So yeah. I've seen The Hunger Games twice now. And I'm not even halfway done with my theater viewing. 

I thought I'd vlog about ten of my favorite parts about the movie. Because if you haven't seen the movie yet, you don't have to click play, so I'm not spoiling anything for ya. (Okay, and also because, well, to be honest, I've had these Capitol-esque eyelashes FOREVER and have been looking for the right moment to wear them.)

And also? There are bloopers at the end...

In typical #sarafail fashion, I forgot to mention two of my majorly favorite parts!! By the time I remembered, I'd already washed my face and stuff... So I didn't add them to the vlog, but they're whited out below this text, so you can highlight them if you want to know which parts they were. (I just don't want to spoil anything for people who are going to read this post and avoid the vlog because they haven't seen the movie yet!) 

1. The scene with the pig's apple. EVERY single thing about it. The shot. The looks on everyone's faces. Katniss's attitude. Love, love, LOVE.

2. The way the Games were run from the control room. Including the grid in the sky that showed which tributes had died. 

Also, tonight Copil is leading a twitter chat with the hashtag #yachg (which stands for YA Confidential Hunger Games) to discuss the movie! Come join us at 8pm ET! 

So... Did you agree with my faves? Which moments did I forget to mention that you absolutely loved? 


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