Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let's get creepy...

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Today's question:
What's your favorite creepy song? And not, like, cheesy Halloween music. We're talking haunting and atmospheric!

Our Answers

Sara: Oh man, I have tons... My favorite at the moment is Hannah Peel's cover of Tainted Love. You might recognize it if you watched American Horror Story.

Copil: Mozart's Requiem. It feels like an aural horror movie. Whenever I listen to it, I'm like "Salieri is INSIDE THE HOUSE, HE'S CALLING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!"

Karen: My favorite creepy song is Ramalama (Bang Bang) by Rosin Murphy. Actually, it's got a really catchy beat and I dance to it in my car a lot, but it's still kinda creepy. Plus, the first time I ever heard it was on So You Think You Can Dance, and the whole crew danced to it dressed like zombies. Best creepy zombie dance ever! I know some of you want to watch it, so here you go. You're welcome.

Alexandra: "Something I can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails. It's also my favorite depressing song. There's something about the ambiance of the music, with that quiet piano coming in over the rest of the noise, that gives me chills. It's creepy because of how passionate and despairing the singer sounds, and how charged the lyrics are, how desperate he sounds when he says "I'm starting to scare myself". It's creepy in that way lobotomies and nightmares are creepy...those things that make you worry maybe you don't quite have control over your own mind.

Alison: Anything from The Phantom of the Opera. Creepy, yet weirdly inspiring.

Cambria: Pretty much anything by Godspeed You Black Emperor! will get the job done for creepy atmosphere. Specifically, I like their Yanqui X.O. album (each track is reeeealllly long and mostly instrumental). One caveat -- if you're looking for I'm going to kill you-atmospheric music, this ain't it. The atmosphere here is more along the lines of, I'm the last person on Earth and OMG I'm going to waste away to dust or gnaw off my radioactive arm. Still creepy if you ask me!

Your turn!!


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