Friday, March 16, 2012

Tales from the Locker Room (And Other Stalk Worthy Places)

Okay, so I really don’t stalk the locker room, but I do pick up on some interesting things in my classroom and in the hallways. And this month the buzz relates to spring, and even more so—spring break.

We call this month the Death March because my poor students (and colleagues) go the entire month of March without a day off. We have a half day (whatever) in the mix, but really? A whole month of school, school, school? We’re ALL looking forward to spring break. I can’t wait to bask in the sun, spend countless hours with my family and my WIP, and oh wait. You didn’t come here to hear about me did you. ;) Here’s what some of my students and our spies and analysts plan to do over theirs.

Chill with friends and family

I usually use it (spring break) to read books or go do things with my family. I go see a lot of movies and such. I've always wanted to get my family to pile into the car and just go somewhere we've never been before. Just go and be gone.

I might go to Myrtle Beach with a friend and hang glide.

Usually I read and hang out with friends at the mall and movies. Actually, I do a lot of reading. My March Breaks usually suck, haha, but it's better than class.

I just like to hang out with friends, have scary or Disney movie nights, or bike down to the library and spend the rest of my time reading!

Sleep, gym, reading, being able to go out with friends

Some of my friends go down to Florida or other sun-spots, a few people go with their families to amusement parks, and a couple stay home to sleep, relax, and hang out.

Catch up on sleep

I usually go to a lodge for two nights with my family. We drive for about ninety minutes to get to it. It's by a lake, with plenty of facilities, cabins, and a summer camp surrounding it. No televisions in the rooms, but the buffet is great, the general store let's you put items onto your tab, and the kayaking isn't too shabby.

Go to the beach.

Going to Charleston—I love all the historic places, the shopping, the eating, everything is just so relaxing.

I’m looking forward to a whole week of just relaxing.

Agent A: ME TOO

Since spring break typically gives students (and me) a chance to catch up on television and movies, here’s what the teens are watching (or looking forward to watching).

Movies: Hunger Games, Ghost Rider 2, Chronicle, The Three Stooges, Think Like a Man, Woman in Black, Project X, Next Friday.

Television: Spongebob, Big Bang Theory, Mad Girls Club, Swamp People, Storage Wars, Adventure Time, Jersey Shore, Modern Family, The Regular Show, Cops.

And I’ve been slacking in the new wordage department, so here’s what my teens have been sayin’ lately:

Straight: to be okay with how things are going

You need help with that?

Nope. I’m straight.

Like a boss: to really excel at something. To succeed with extreme luck or ease

I’m eating ice cream like a boss.

Static: Attitude or backtalk.

They were giving me static about my sweatshirt.

Hype: very excited for something.

I am so hype for The Hunger Games!

So, do YOU have Spring Break? What do you do on vacation? What movies are YOU looking forward to?


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