Monday, March 19, 2012

Team Peeta

So. Everyone excited for this Friday?

When I read The Hunger Games last year, it was such a natural choice. I’m a Survivor girl (it’s one of the few shows I watch on television) so the notion of twenty-four teens exiled to who-knows-where to compete against one another for an ultimate prize resonated with me. And while The Hunger Games tended to be a little more gruesome than my favorite reality TV series, I found myself immersed in the drama, the conflict. And I found myself pulling for my favorite contestant.

Peeta Mellark.

I’m not going to lie. I love Katniss, but the first time I read The Hunger Games, not knowing how it ended, I rooted for Peeta to win the games. But more importantly, I wanted him to win the heart of Katniss Everdeen.

Because he’d already won mine.

From the moment Katniss details how Peeta, the baker’s son, purposefully burnt bread so she would have something to eat, I swooned. My heart stalled when he detailed the first time he began crushing on her and my heart still skitters in my chest when I watch this.


LOVE Peeta.

But not Katniss. She led him on, she wrestled with feelings for him and you know – that other guy. I read through the series, the whole time screaming, “The choice is easy! Pick Peeta!”

But why? Why not her best friend Gale? Why should she pick Peeta?

Why did I?

WHY do I fall hopelessly in love with the Peetas? Why do I whole-heartedly support Team Edward? Why do I suffer through yet another over-dramatized House of Night for Heath? Or stand by Fang when Max (Maximum Ride) gives him countless reasons to fly away? They’re just book characters, right? How can I fall head over heels for a fictional character?

It’s because of what they give. What they are. What they represent.

Unconditional love.

These characters are the Bruno Mars of fiction. The guys that would love their girl no matter what, no matter how many times they face rejection, hatred, other love interests. Their love is irrevocable.

I know that some people will argue that Peeta played a good game, that his profession of love and acts in the arena were strategic tactics. Whatever. I’m standing by my man. Peeta’s motives were pure, his actions selfless. Everything and anything he did during those games was motivated out of his unwillingness to compromise himself and his irrevocable love for the girl on fire.

And I would bet all the lamb stew in the Capitol that he would catch a grenade for her. He did take a blade for her. And he would’ve died for her. He PLANNED to die so Katniss could win. It is evidenced from the moment his father visited Katniss. It is evidenced in every move he makes in the arena. And it’s definitely evidenced in his interactions with Katniss.

Peeta would die in the games for Katniss, would rather see her live and be happy. Heath Luck left any possibility of an eternity with Zoey so she could restore her shattered soul. Fang left so Maximum Ride could fulfill her destiny. And Edward always wanted Bella to be content. It’s an unwavering love. It’s not manipulative (*cough* Jacob ). It’s not selfish. Their love is selfless and pure and REAL.

How can you NOT fall in love with THAT?

Unconditional love. That I would do ANYTHING for you love, even if it means losing you to someone else love. The love that says I just want you to be happy.

That’s why I choose Peeta. Why the Gales will never stand a chance.

PS - and while my nice guys may not finish first (or second or third or twentieth), I will always be convinced that they WILL be there at The End.


Maddie said...

I admit, I squealed like a little girl when Peeta confessed his love. And when you mentioned Max and Fang (DIE DYLAN DIE!!!)

Did you know the last book comes out in August? It's probably not gonna be very good, but whatever.

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