Friday, March 2, 2012

Teen Trend: Am I Ugly?

Lately teens have been posting videos of themselves on youtube, asking commenters to tell them one thing: whether or not they are ugly. You can see how self-conscious these teens are by the way they look at the camera, the hesitation in their voices as they ask the question, the hurt when they admit that they've been called ugly by others and that's why they're making the video.

There is a lot I could say about this, because I'm horrified and sad--everyone here at YA Confidential is, and we have been ever since Cristin first sent us all an article about this. But I'm just going to post the videos, and let you see for yourselves. I encourage you to click on them and go to youtube so you can read some of the comments, and see how many views these videos get. Most of them are in the tens of thousands. One girl is at 300,000. And another girl has had 4 million views.

For more information:
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