Monday, March 12, 2012

Teens and Music

Today I'm taking a look into the music preferences of our Teen Spies and Analysts.

Here's what I asked, and here's what they said...

Do you play any instruments or sing?

Chihuahua0: I play two instruments, the piano and the violin. I played the recorder back in elementary school, and I take performance arts classes during the summer. Singing? I'm not sure about my actual skill. When I'm accidently singing, my classmates compliment me, while my Dad jokes "don't quit your day job!" I do have a tendency to sing/hum/sing the notes under my breath when infected with an Earworm. It's a habit, but one I find comfort in. I wonder how many people notice it.

Riv Re: Hm. It depends what you mean by "sing." I can say words with different tempos and keys, but mostly people run away to try to stop their ears from bleeding.
As for instruments, I play the air guitar. It's self taught. When I went looking for teachers, they all seemed to just...disappear.

Emily: Yes I do! I play multiple instruments, currently: alto saxophone, clarinet, piano. Previous include: Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, all the recorders, guitar. I also sing in 4 different choirs

Lissa: I play three instruments – four, if you count the recorder! Piano, guitar and the alto saxophone; I love each of them, even though I’m not very virtuous. And I’d like to say I sing, but really, my showerhead is the only thing that ever hears my voice because I’m constantly off-tune!

Lynsay: I play the guitar, and I love to sing at school and church.

Erica: I play flute, sing, and play a little piano.

Alexis: Yes, I play guitar.

Lexie: No. I used to participate in Chorus during middle school, but since a music elective is not required during high school, I dropped it.

Ana: Unless you count singing in the shower....nope ;)

If yes, do you participate in any musical activities at school (like marching band, orchestra, choir, school musical, or battle of the bands)? Or, are you in a band with any friends?

Chihuahua0: Orchestra, since 5th grade. I need to practice more.

Emily: I am in band (with multiple friends) and jazz band (with multiple friends) I was in our school’s production of West Side Story, and am in both the school choir and my division’s choir

Lissa: I participate in the school orchestra. It’s a lot of work – and I have many early mornings – but it’s a lot of fun.

Lynsay: I was in chorus all through High School and Middle School.

Erica: I did musicals, choir, and show choir. I also did band up until my sophomore year of high school.

Alexis: No, I play for recreational purposes.

Ana: None of the above. I have approximately 0 musical talent.

If your school has a battle of the bands or similar activity, do you notice that it's mostly boys who participate?

Chihuahua0: Well, Orchestra has a special program, but very few people get into it.

Emily: We have a battle of the bands, (called rock the heights) but I have never gone to it

Lissa: Actually, sorta, yeah. I mean, in my grade we’re pretty much balanced, but I’ve noticed in the other bands that there are definitely more boys than girls participating.

Lynsay: We have a talent show with a lot of singing. No, not particularly.

Erica: We have a battle of the bands every year at the festival in my town, and overall it is mostly boys.

Alexis: I wouldn't say that it would be mostly guys. Not many guys actually play instruments at our school, but not many girls either. It would probably be solo acts and would be split between the two genders.

Lexie: We do have a battle of the bands, though I have not actually attended it yet.  From what I've heard, however, while the majority do tend to be boys, there's a fair amount of girls, either in purely girl bands or as the singer for another band.

Ana: Our school doesn't have any events like that (I wish they did).

Who are a few of your favorite artists/bands?

Chihuahua0: That's a long list. Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jessie J, Evanescence...I probably missed someone. But Florence + The Machine is the favorite. 

Riv Re: Boys Like Girls, Simple Plan, Panic! at the Disco, We the Kings, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Taylor Swift and Glee are my guilty pleasures.
Also, lesser known that I'm obsessed with: Ocasan (Youtube them. Seriously, you'll thank me later.)

Emily: Sidewalk Prophets, Chris Tomlin, Amanda Falk, Dala, Newsboys, Straight No Chaser

Lissa: I’m not lying when I say I’m listening to music more than 75% of my day, so you can imagine how difficult it is to pick my favourites out of the 250 artists on my iPod! But, I’d have to say Marianas Trench, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Aerosmith are amongst my favourite artists/groups! I listen to a really wide variety of music.

Lynsay: I like all kinds of music, literally.

Erica: Rise Against is my favorite band, but I also really like Atreyu, Skillet, and pretty much any soundtrack from a musical you through at me.

Alexis: One Direction, OneRepublic, Sara Bareilles, A Fine Frenzy, Adele, Ellie Goulding

Lexie: Mumford and Sons, Taylor Swift, Amanda Palmer, Adele, Coldplay, The Beatles, John Lennon, Regina Spekter, Paramore, Maroon 5, One Republic, The Script, Evanescence, Idena Menzel, Laurena, Hank Green, and Florence + The Machine.

Ana: Lifehouse, The Ready Set, Owl City, Jay Sean, Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber (kidding!)

Favorite genres and songs?

Chihuahua0: I like pop mostly. I listen to some alternative, since my dad plays it on the radio all the time. For songs? "Cosmic Love" by Florence + The Machine. It's one of the few songs that can get an emotional drive out of me, and the hugeness of its sound, along with some nice contrast and dramatic lyrics, paints an image in my head. For an aspiring writer, that's a nice skill to train.

Riv Re: Rock all the way! I've also got an odd tendency to fall in love with indie artists. And I was brought up on the oldies, like Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Phil Oches, and Simon and Garfunkle
A few of my favorite songs: Vices and Virtues album by Panic! at the Disco, Not All Heroes Wear Capes by Ocasan, This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars
Another genre I love is Wrock. (I'm a Starkid at heart.) Like A Very Potter Musical and Harry and the Potters.

Emily: Folk, Christian

Lissa: Country and rock music, definitely. I’m friendly with rap, too, but only the mainstream stuff. I can’t take house music though, and most pop music drives me insane. My favourite songs? I have too many to name, but I love “Lover Dearest,” (Marianas Trench) and “Last Kiss” (Taylor Swift) a lot. The first gets me through the day sometimes.

Erica: I like hard rock and show tunes best.

Alexis: More Than This by One Direction, Bottle It Up by Sara Bareilles, Hometown Glory by Adele

Lexie: As far as genres are concerned, I don't really have a preference. If the music is good, the lyrics are good, and the singing is good, I don't particularly care.  As for songs . . . some of my favorites are Ampersand, All Fall Down, Safe and Sound, White Blank Page, Defying Gravity (and anything from Wicked), Happy Ending, Imagine, Chasing Pavements, Hallelujah, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The Only Exception, Strange Charm, A Song about an Anglerfish, My Immortal, The Fault in Our Stars, Permafrost, and The Fireflies of Montreal.  

Ana: Top 40 and Pop

LEAST favorite genres, songs, artists?

Chihuahua0: I'm pretty open. I even liked "Friday", in its own sort of way. The only genre I can apply this to is heavy metal, but only because I never listen to it. I bet if I take a better ear, so to say, to it, I might find some sub-genres which are soft enough for my tastes.

Riv Re: I have an intense dislike for pop (it's all about "I love you, let's make out" or "I'm sorry, let's make out."). Also don't like rap.

Emily: Rap. Screamo

Lissa: Okay, I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m sick of hearing Adele everywhere I go, and the same applies to Katy Perry and Rihanna. I also need a break from Pitbull and Usher, I think. I am sick to death of all these pop songs with one-verse raps, as well as all this really boring pop music.

Erica: COUNTRY AND RAP. I cannot stand either.

Alexis: RED SOLO CUP. I hate that song with a passion. But any country and rap.

Lexie: Never been a fan of rap, and I'm also not a fan of the "rock core" or "emo core" or whatnot which basically consists of people screaming painfully into a microphone.  I don't consider that music.  Songs . . . not many specific examples are coming to mind, but I dislike any of those overplayed pop songs where the lyrics are either complete nonsense, or completely meaningless.  I also strongly dislike Love the Way You Lie, not because it's a bad song so much as I hate that it seems to romanticize abuse. For artists . . . well, I really dislike Nicki Minaj.  Her lyrics are some of the most pointless and ridiculous that I've come across.  I dislike any of the artists whose songs basically consist of what they want to do to a girl/guy or their experiences at a club.  My least favorite artist by far is Chris Brown, but that doesn't have as much to do with his music, though I'm not a big fan of his songs, either.

Ana: Biebs of course, but also Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and everything rap.

What's super overplayed right now? Which artists are you completely tired of?

Chihuahua0: As much as I love Rihanna, radio really should stop playing "We Found Love". She has two other singles out ("You Da One" and "Talk that Talk") and it doesn't really make sense to not play those too. Oh, "Moves Like Jagger" and "Gotta Good Feeling". And for some reason, my local radio stations prefer Lady Gaga's "You and I" a little too much. Not that any of those songs are bad. But I think a little more variety would help.

Riv Re: I'm sick of The Party Rock Anthem. I need my music to have depth, and I don't need all the details about what you and your girlfriend did last night.
Also, I really don't like Adele. I love her lyrics, and listen to covers of her songs, but her voice grates on my nerves. *ducks to avoid flying tomatoes*

Emily: I don’t really listen to popular music, I mostly listen to the Christian Radio Station, none of them are really overplayed

Lissa: I am completely tired of Katy Perry. I just…can’t deal with her music anymore. It all SOUNDS THE SAME TO ME. 

Erica: Almost everything on the radio is overplayed I feel like. They only play the like one most known song from a band, and that's it.

Alexis: Any and all pop music. Like the top 40 songs.

Lexie: Someone Like You is ridiculously overplayed, but I'm not tired of Adele; I love her. The radio stations, though, don't seem to realize that playing something so constantly only irritates the listeners.  I don't know many of the currently overplayed ones, though; I haven't listened to the radio very much recently. There aren't any artists I'm really "tired" of, though; if their songs are becoming too much, I simply turn off the radio.

Ana: Most overplayed artists: LMFAO, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars - I love his voice, but I'm tired about hearing him catch a grenade for someone! Most overplayed songs: Super Bass (Nicki Minaj), You Make Me Feel, Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

Do you listen to the radio? What about internet radio, like Pandora?

Chihuahua0: Yes, in the car. My Mom plays different stations off FM, while my dad prefers XM radio. For example, Alt Nation and Chill. For Internet radio...I once tried Pandora, went on Turntable a few times (it's like a DJing virtual chatroom)

Riv Re: A little bit of the radio on my iPod when it's not killing the battery, but I don't like Pandora.

Emily: I do! And occasionally I use an internet radio, I don’t remember the name of it

Lissa: Not really any internet radio, but I listen to the radio sometimes.

Lynsay: I listen to the radio in the car, and I LOVE Pandora.

Erica: I listen to the radio in my car, but other than that no.

Alexis: Any alternative/indie station. I used to use Pandora and, but I rarely do anymore.

Lexie: I listen to the radio, but rarely go on Pandora. It's a cool site, but I can't write while music is playing.

Ana:  Totally. Although I haven't listened to the radio in two months which is why my overplayed list is probably outdated. I like learning about new songs on the radio but I start to get bored when I hear the same songs over and over.

Do you purchase CDs ever?

Chihuahua0: By albums, yes. Since buying Florence + The Machine's "Ceremonials" on iTunes, I prefer to get a ton of songs by one artist. By physical CDs? Not so much. I received some for Christmas, and took my uncle's "Born This Way" copy to put onto my iTunes library, but I prefer digital. However, I wish that Natasha Bedingfield CD wasn't broken. Its remains are in the basement.

Riv Re: Nope. No CD drive, among other reasons

Emily: Yes! Mostly at concerts...

Lissa: If the CD is of my favourite artists, then definitely. But never on a whim.

Lynsay: Usually I'll only purchase CDs if I go to a second hand place and find old music I love, but forgot about and play it in my car.

Erica: Yes! I particularly do for musical soundtracks.

Alexis: Rarely.

Lexie: No. I'd rather spend my money on books.

Ana: No! iTunes is the way to go ;)

Where do you find new music to listen to?

Chihuahua0: Hello, YouTube. When I'm procrastinating and have my laptop, that's one of the main sites I resort to. I specifically go to this page for recommendations. However, I feel the entitlement to buy songs I listen for too much, as supposed to using a site to rip them off from YouTube. It's what keeping the music industry going.

Riv Re: Honestly, I'm pretty steadfast in what I have. Very rarely do I get anything new. Usually I'll find something on Youtube, or Glee, or my brother will add something to iTunes that I'll give a shot.

Emily: My Friends suggestions

Lissa: People ask me this all the time when they see the 2000+ songs on my iPod, and I never know what to say. Sometimes, I’ll just be on Youtube watching one video and then it’ll lead me to another, then another. Sometimes it’s what people are talking about – popular music. Conversations about music – daily conversations, I must add – usually add to the new music I find, though. Everybody has something I should listen to.

Lynsay: The Internet, Facebook, friends, and the radio.

Erica: My friends and I will discuss music, or my brother will share new bands he's found.

Alexis: iTunes, Ping, soundtracks

Lexie: Youtube, mostly.  Recommendations from friends or things I see pop up on my feed. Sometimes I'll find stuff that my sister has purchased on our iTunes account.

Ana: Either the radio or friends. I also Google my favorite artists to see if they have released any new songs or are about to.

Do you enjoy going to shows or concerts?

Chihuahua0: I need to go to more of them, so I can't form a proper opinion. But in general, I liked the concerts I had been to.

Riv Re: Never been. I saw the Newsies though, and it's frawesome.

Emily: YES!

Lissa: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Concerts are so exciting and exhilarating for me; nothing compares.

Lynsay: Oh yes of course.

Erica: I love going to concerts! They're so much fun.

Alexis: Of course!

Lexie: No. Far too close and loud for me. I've only been to a few.

Ana: I've never been to a concert. It wish I could, it sounds like so much fun!

Anything else?

Chihuahua0: I think I talked enough. :) But I love writing to music. During my before-school writing sessions, I open iTunes, put one of the playlists onto shuffle, and type. Same thing when using the laptop on the bus.

Riv Re: It is beyond me why people enjoying listening to songs about how the singer cheated on their girlfriend and want them back. It's beyond me why people listen to any love songs. I need my music to have some sort of depth. (Random example: Avril Lavigne really puts emotion into her songs. I'm not such a fan because she's just a good actress. She doesn't even write her own songs!)

Lissa: I wouldn’t be able to live without music. It’s my crutch on the bad days and the soundtrack to my good days.


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