Thursday, March 29, 2012

YA Villains

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Today's question:
Who’s your favorite YA Villain??
Our Answers

Alexandra: I'm afraid I can't answer for a YA villain, because my favorite villain of all Satan from PARADISE LOST, because while technically he's the villain in the Adam and Eve story, in PARADISE LOST Satan also functions as a protagonist, and (in my opinion anyway,) as a victim of his own ambitions. Dare I say Satan comes across as alarmingly human in Milton's writing--Satan postures for the rest of the demons in Pandemonium, claiming that he'd rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven, but when he's alone it's clear he's despairing at the misery that is being a fallen angel. Plus he easily has the best, most well-written lines in the entire poem.

Cambria: Everyone's going to say Lord Voldemort, aren't they? Well, I'm going to go for the next obvious choice and say President Snow in The Hunger Games. I mean, no grown man can smell like roses and NOT be creepy, right?

Sara: Snape. Back from when we were supposed to think he was a villain. I loved him from the beginning!

Copil: A bit of a cliche, but I'm going with Voldemort here. He was consistent, powerful, petty and, ultimately, vulnerable. I am also a big fan of books like M. T. Anderson's Feed where humanity is ultimately the villain. Not because I'm a cynic and think humans will always find a way to mess things up. But more because it's so hard to pull off a faceless, formless villainous mass that didn't think it was doing anything wrong.

Alison: Um…I don’t like villains so I can’t say I have a favorite (although now having read Alexandra’s I’m tempted to steal hers), but if I could choose a villain I love to HATE, I would go with Neferet from House of Night. She’s skank in goddess costume. Revolting, selfish on so many levels. And totally gives new meaning to the phrase cruel and unusual.

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