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We loved all the comments about how the drop was rocked this year. Every time I checked Twitter's #RockTheDrop feed, I smiled at all the books being dropped around the world. It's such a fun event.

Only a couple of you emailed us pics, but look how fun!

Susan Kaye Quinn dropped her awesome novel, OPEN MINDS, and THE CARBON DIARIES by Saci Lloyd.

Jaime Morrow strategically dropped her books in locations that were fitting for the novel's main character:

KATNISS has had more than enough of the Capitol's trains and opts to take the bus:
KAROU drops into Second Cup coffee shop, grabs a cup of joe, and decides to hang out:
KATSA realizes that a gal can't live by Graces alone and signs up for some higher learning at Red Deer College
And Jaime wrote this adorable note in her books so that people knew they were allowed to take the book when they found it:
Some YA Confidential Operatives also rocked the drop.

CAMBRIA: I rocked the drop! I left How to Say Goodbye in Robot at the restaurant where my husband took me for my birthday dinner, Dirty Little Secrets by a park bench, White Cat on a bench by the pond near my house, and Iron King outside a CVS. Sadly, White Cat was still on the bench today, watching some ducks eat corn kernels or something. I think the people in my neighborhood just assume some sad bloke left his book behind and everyone's too polite to take it. Stupid polite people. Sheesh. TAKE THE FREE BOOK!

Here's a pic of the book I left at the restaurant. I left it on the bench by the door so people would see it as they walked up, though it kind of looks like a bus stop bench. Obviously the theme of my Rock the Drop was BENCHES. :)

KAREN: Last year, I only dropped one book, but this year, I dropped 3. The Girl of Fire and Thorns got left on a table in an Indigo coffee shop. Tangled Tides was left on a bench overlooking the bay. The Near Witch was left on a table outside of a local ice cream shop where I noticed LOTS of teens hang out. I didn't have enough time to lurk around and see who discovered them, but I hope they found good homes. However, I'm going to Disney World this weekend and I'm tempted to drop one or two there. Is it okay to drop books on the 14th?

ALISON: I am no longer a virgin rock-the-dropper! (That sounded really weird and like Cambria is going to TWSS me any minute, but yay!) I had awesome amounts of fun even if I wasn't all super sneaky spyish because I didn't hang out and see who actually picked up my books, although I hope someone did, and I hope those someones were teens. What made the experience even more amazingly cool is that my teenage daughter helped me, took pictures when my camera died, and came up with the wicked cool idea to put Divergent at the Shark Attack Wings store, propped up against a shark's tooth. Oh, and I did put the nameplates inside the front cover, but I didn't take pictures of that. Good times. Definitely back for more fun next year!

COPIL: I didn't rock the drop. I'm lame, I know. In my defense, this is a small town. And if an old man like me were to be seen dropping YA titles around town. . .well, I might as well just don a Pedo-Bear t-shirt and hand out free candy.

*sigh* I do think Copil's excuse is lame. He could have easily worn sunglasses, a wig and a woman's trench coat. No one would have to know his real identity. Or, he could have worn a Pedo Bear costume. Oh, well, there's always next year.

We don't know what happened with Cristin, Sara and Alexandra. We think they may have been abducted by Pedo Bear. The search party is still out looking for them.

So, while I think ALL Rock The Droppers should win a prize for completing their mission, we have to choose a winner. Except I don't like rules, and I'm in charge of this post, so I'm choosing TWO winners. *fist pump*

Our ROCK THE DROP winners are:

I mean, seriously, see the photos above and her cute note. How could she NOT win?


who dropped 5 books, including one on an art vending machine (made of awesome!) and one in a place "only the dancers or young children would go into." Art and dancers FTW!

(Winners get to choose any book from our Vault.)

Thanks so much to everyone who commented and participated in Rock The Drop this year. We applaud all of you and hope you'll join us again next year!


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