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Tales from the Locker Room: Fieldtrip Edition

Okay, so I really don’t stalk the locker room, but I do pick up on some interesting things in my classroom and in the hallways. And this month my seniors take off on the annual senior class trip so I thought I'd do a little listening in about fieldtrips in general. I went to our spies and analysts and my own students for their insight.

BUT first a special announcement. And a fieldtrip for you!

Yesterday, we told you about working with Cupid from Cupid's Literary Connection to pre-screen the entries for the just-finished Agent Invasion. As part of that experience, Cupid invited us to talk about what it was like to play agent-for-a-day.

But our joint efforts yielded something far more important. After many days of collaboration, several bottles of very expensive whiskey, two rounds of putt-putt golf and a hefty bill from one of those in-flight magazines (we totally needed a combo umbrella/stun gun), we've come up with something that has eluded the literary community since the first writer queried the first agent.

It is our great honor to bring to you. . .

The Perfect Query Letter(tm)

We hope you'll find a moment to visit Cupid's site and check our guest post as well as take a look at Cupid's new contest and join in the fun!
Go on. Take a fieldtrip! Then, pop back here to read what our teens have to say about them.

Are you back? Learn how to write the perfect query? See! An educational fieldtrip. And now you have something in common with today's teen contributors. Take a look.

Have you gone on any fieldtrips in high school? If so, where did you go?

Yes, to colleges and to band competitions.

I wish. We have school weekends, and on occasion a teacher will take us out to the school yard if it's a nice day or something, but nothing comes to mind.

I think I’ve had three this year, but they’re 3 hour trips and REALLY boring. I’ve never liked fieldtrips (although the one where I went to Quebec for a week was fun).

At my school, we sometimes take field trips... mostly the younger grades though, because they can afford to miss classes more than the older grades.

My school's band goes to Cuba every two years, there's a photography trip to Paris every two years as well, and this year a bunch of students went to Italy. Also if you're involved in extracurriculars like sports or music, they might go for tournaments or tours and you get to go places.

If we do go, it's usually hiking or to a museum or something. We have an annual field trip to Table Mountain to see the wildflowers. We identify all the flowers we see on the way to a waterfall, and catch newts and frogs.

The majority of the ones I went on were for my drama classes – we would go to see a show, then usually write a review about it. I think I went on one with my Women Writers class last year, but I don’t remember where we went.

Agent A note: The only students at my school who’d been on a fieldtrip were part of a special organization (band, chorus, NHS,...)

Are the fieldtrips educational? For reward? What was your favorite and why?

They have to be educational to be passed by my school board.

All of them are for educational purposes. My favourite high school field trip was when my French class went to this French restaurant. We got to eat good food and miss school. There was another French field trip where we did different activities in French all day.

My favourite trip in high school….I don’t have one because they all blow, pretty much.

In tenth grade I got chosen to go to City Hall and speak to Senators. I thought it was very educational and rewarding because it benefited me.

All are educational. My favorite was going to Campbell University because that is where I want to go.

If your school doesn't do fieldtrips, why might that be?

We're boring and education-focused?

Our school doesn’t have the money for reward fieldtrips

We never have a reason to take one.

Our school spends too much money on nonessentials.

Do you think high school students should go on more field trips? Explain.

Yes, there should be more. Education is not only in the class, but education is the whole world.

It’s a great way for students to learn how subjects fit into everyday life.

They help prepare students for traveling and gives them things to look forward to.

I don’t really like them because I miss stuff in all my other classes.

The seniors at my high school DO take a trip every year to Disney World. They spend four packed days in the parks (Grad Nite is ALL night in Magic Kingdom), get up and go to bed at insane hours, even dine at Medieval Times (gotta make it educational!) I usually chaperone and have just as much fun (if not more than) than they do.

So I asked some of my former students to tell me a bit about their experience.

My most memorable part(s) of senior trip was definitely going to Orlando. Waking up at (what was it? 5?) 5 in the morning to get on the bus with your closest group of friends and know that in a few more hours you wouldn't be at school!!! How does it get better than that?

My most memorable part of senior trip was the fact that I made some of the closest friends that I could possibly ask for. Those couple days that we spent in Disney World were probably the best part of my entire grade school career.

I am definitely glad that I went because they are memories that I will never forget and I still talk about the trip whenever the topic of senior trips or Disney is brought up. I think everyone should have a senior trip because it is a great end of the year kind of stress reliever for seniors and it is something underclass man can look forward to. I also have friends who didn't have the opportunity to go on senior trips who really wish their school would have had that option.

I think EVERY school should have a senior trip. I cannot explain how shocked I was coming to college and learning that I was almost the ONLY one that went to a high school that offered senior trips.

I also asked some of our spies and analysts if there was a senior trip at their school.

The seniors vote every year on where they want to go. It's a bit expensive, but we have a student organization that helps those who need it. (FISH-Fundings Involving Senior Happenings) (or something) (Yes, fish, like Nemo.) If you don't go on the senior weekend, that's just...really sad, to put it mildly.

There was up until my senior year, and my senior year we didn’t do anything.

Ugh. Bummer.

That’s the roundup on fieldtrips. Next month—PROM. See you then.

Did you enjoy your fieldtrip to Cupid’s Literary Connection? Did you have fieldtrips in high school? A senior trip? Tell us in the comments!


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