Thursday, April 5, 2012

YA vs Taste...

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Today's question:
Would you rather never read YA again or lose your sense of taste?

Our Answers

Copil: a This is an easy one since I have no taste. In anything. Just ask my wife. So I'll continue reading YA and you can continue shielding your eyes when I mix stripes with crotchless pants.

Karen: No contest. I'd give up sense of taste. Then I'd email my favorite authors and ask them to please provide lots of details for any all eating or drinking scenes in their books so I can live vicariously. ;)

Cambria: Since you weren't entirely specific with the question, I'd say I'd give up reading YA because I can always listen to an audiobook AND keep my taste buds. I mean, technically listening isn't the same as reading, right? ;)

Karen (again): Damn. Why didn't I think of that? I retract my answer! I'm going with Cambria!

Sara: Ummmm… You’d think I’d have an answer since I came up with the question, but this is really hard. I’m one of those people who, instead of eating to live, lives to eat. Total foodie at heart. But… but… HOW could I live without reading YA? I mean, I could always read adult—which I frequently do, and love—but my heart belongs to YA. So, um, I guess… UGH. I abstain! What a stupid question.

Alexandra: Definitely would rather live without my sense of taste. The hidden benefit is being able to eat healthy things like broccoli without gagging.

Alison: Hmmm...give up sense of taste or be blind to the most awesome genre? No brainer! If I gave up YA, I'd be losing the best taste in books. So, bye-bye sense of taste. Although I don't know how much of a contest that was for me. I take my coffee black and make meals off of white rice. But I'd give up any sense except sight to keep reading YA!

Cristin: Yeah, sorry guys. I know it probably makes me a traitor and a bad YA writer/reader, but I've got to keep my sense of taste. I would seriously mourn the loss of YA, but eventually I'd move on. But having to eat multiple times a day every day without tasting any of it for the rest of my life? No more Thanksgiving or birthday cake or anything? I couldn't do it. I'll just content myself middle-grade books and movie/television adaptations of YA and keep my chocolate.

Your turn!


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