Saturday, May 19, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Each Thursday we ask a question and invite you to answer for a chance to win something from The Vault!

And every Saturday we choose our favorite comment and send you the Vault item of your choice!

This week we asked:

If you could choose one YA character that your sixteen-year-old self could date, who would it be?

Our winner this week is *drum roll, please*:

Sean Kendrick from the Scorpio Races. He's good looking and brooding with that air of melancholy that would've made 16yr old me just swoon. He's also kind and gentle and not afraid to stand up for what he believes in with a strong sense of integrity. He's also incredible with horses and since I've always been crazy mad about horses and riding that just seals the deal for me... imagine riding off into the sunset along a beach with Sean... Also, Sean doesn't talk a lot and he's knowledgeable about island mysticism. Geez, is there any reason not to date this guy!?.

A guy who's brooding, good looking, knows a thing or two about island mysticism, AND good with animals? 'Nuff said. Congrats Suzanne! Send us an email with your book choice from the Vault. And thanks to all the great comments about your crush-worthy characters!


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