Saturday, May 26, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Each Thursday we ask you a question, and on Saturday we pick the author of our favorite answer to win a prize from THE VAULT as a thank you for participating.

This week's winner, who told us which YA novel she's read recently that best nailed the "teen" voice:


Hate List by Jennifer Brown.  Valerie's confusion and hurt is very poignant, and her mistakes are ones that I could easily have made as a teenager even though they're life shattering.  Her voice is more mature, but I was a very mature teenager so it's a fit for me!

Excellent answer, Addyrae! This book is up next on my TBR and now I can't wait to read!

Addyrae, shoot us an e-mail and let us know what Vault prize you want! Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who commented. Come back on Thursday for another question!


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