Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Favorite Teen Genres

We always hear about trends that are coming or that are over, or about genres on their way in or on their way out. I never know exactly what or whom to listen to, because I hear different things depending on the sources I turn to!

But today?

Today I turned to our market audience. TEENS. I asked our spies and analysts this question:

If you walked into a bookstore tomorrow and could only walk out with one book, which genre would it be?

And here is what they responded with!
Coming of Age was one answer, but the words were separated in Wordle.

Not seeing your genre as strong as you'd like, or at all? Don't worry. MANY responders came back complaining about only being able to pick one genre! They like a variety--these are just their first choice picks when forced to chose (by the evil Sara).

Responses by teen: 
Emily V: Fantasy
Randi: Fantasy
Madison: Coming of Age
Anagha: Dystopian
Lissa: Fantasy
Scotie: Paranormal
Nick: Fantasy
Emily C: Christian
Katie: Horror
Chihuahua: LGBT
Lexie: Contemporary
Riv: Fantasy
Alexis: Dystopian
Erica: Fantasy

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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