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Real Teen Answers Part 2!

Last Friday you asked the questions. And there were so many awesome questions and so many amazing answers from our spies and analysts that we're giving you the results in two posts! If you missed Part One, our teens answered questions about dystopians, YA translations, and their weapons of choice. Click here if you missed it!

Today, our teens answer your questions on shaving, letters, oldies, and Monty Python. Enjoy!

Since I write historical, lately I've gotten interested in the issue of body hair acceptance vs. revulsion over time, and how we went from considering it normal to grotesque, so I'd like to know: Do you or any girls you know choose not to shave? Are there any negative things said about girls who don't, or are they accepted for who they are? What is the reasoning (e.g., feminist reasons, too lazy, etc.)? And do you know any guys who shave more than their faces?

RIV: I think most of my friends shave, and if they don't it's because their mothers are against it, or they personally don't have patience to. We don't really talk about it much.

LAURA: Great question! I’ve always wondered this myself. I don’t know any girls who choose not to shave but I do know women who refuse to shave because they think it is “defying nature”. I admire their candidness, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to do this, or not do it, really. It’s not because I think it’s expected of me or because I think others won’t approve. I just don’t particularly want to go out in my new feathery dress with a matching pair of hairy legs. Which, I guess, we can blame society for that thinking – again! I’ve also heard a couple of guys admit to shaving their legs because they like the feel of smooth skin.

GRACIE: I don't know of any girls who choose not to shave. I have heard negative things said about girls who maybe don't have the smoothest legs, though, unfortunately.

LEXIE: I don't personally know any girls who choose not to shave, aside from those on the swim team who are forced not to shave for most of the year. I believe this is because those who didn't shave would be looked down upon. People find body hair on females rather appalling, and while it's more acceptable on men, most females aren't too fond of that, either. In regards to the males, the only ones I know who shaved anything besides their faces were gymnasts.

EMILY C: I sugar my legs (kind of like waxing) and the main reason I do that is because I am a competitive swimmer. My body hair doesn’t really show because it is really blonde. I couldn’t care less if girls shave their legs or not. I don’t really get why it is such a big deal to some people. Also, pretty much all of the guys on my team would shave their legs and arms before a big swim meet.

KATIE: I don’t know of anyone personally who chooses not to shave. Yes there are a lot of negative things said about girls who don’t shave. They are often made fun of in school and tend not to have many friends. I have several guy friends who shave their legs for cross country, track, or because they feel like it. Interestingly though men aren’t made fun of for shaving more but girls are made fun of for shaving less…

ERICA: I knew a girl throughout high school who didn’t shave. Some people did make comments, but overall it was just kind of how it was.

EMILY V: No, not really. And as for guys, only the swimmers.

LYNSAY: Most girls I know who don't shave are either too young and their parents won't let them, or they're too lazy. Negative things aren't said about specific girls who don't shave, but I occasionally hear negative things about girls not shaving in general from boys. I do know some boys who shave more than just their face.

RANDI: I think everyone I know shaves. I don't really care if anyone I know doesn't shave though.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: I find it amusing how the person that asked this question presumes that all of us are girls.

Considering my grade and the type of girls I hang out with, I can't say for sure. I know one girl who, at the swimming pool, didn't shave her armpits, but I'm not sure if she had since.

Me as a boy? :3 Let's say that once I get too...okay. I don't think you guys and girls would want to know. I would say, but I have my Internet reputation on the line. But it's a preference, to a certain point. Get my point, or is that already too much information.

Do you or any teens you know still write letters, or do you do all your communication through texting, e-mails, and phone calls?

RIV: I love letters, but my letter-sending is limited to overnight camp. I have no patience, terrible handwriting, and no one to write to.

LAURA: Funny you should ask this, because I just wrote a letter to my friend a short time ago! So yes, I do still write letters and couple of friends of mine do, too. I never text unless I have to and phone calls are a rare occurrence. I send a LOT of emails though. Probably too many…

GRACIE: This past summer my friend and I wrote letters back and forth to each other because she was at her cabin while I was at home. We could've e-mailed, but we both like writing and it was fun. :) So I do write letters sometimes, but for fun more than communication.

LEXIE: I don't know any teens who frequently use letters as a means of communication. For important things, like Bat Mitzvah invitations and such, letters/cards are still used, but most non-formal communication is done online or via text.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: To be honest, I don't use any of those methods for communication. Only e-mail, but only for Internet purposes. I'm an introverted person, to the point that I don't know any phone numbers except 911 and my parents'. For letters, I no longer write them. I usually only receive phone calls, but only every once in a while.

LYNSAY: Every now and then I'll write a letter or send a card by mail to one of my friends. It's just more heartfelt to send something handwritten for a special something.

EMILY C: I will still write letters, especially when some of my friends are away at a cabin where they have no internet and a phone call is expensive. I still like writing letters, but I do e-mail, text and phone a lot.

KATIE: Not many teens I know still write letter. I do, but they’re mostly “thank you” letter. Mostly teenagers communicate through technology, not snail-mail.

RANDI: I don't think I know anyone who still writes letters. It'd be cool if it made a come back though! Love letters would be so much cooler if you could run around hugging them to your chest and squealing, instead of getting a text or e-mail. Not like I have had any experience with this of course ;)

EMILY V: I write letters on occasion. Mostly for thank-you notes or if I have friends/family that don't use facebook/email, etc.

Do teens still know who Monty Python is, or am I the only one who randomly quotes it?

LYNSAY: If you're referring to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, then yes I do. My English teacher showed the movie in English IV Honors, and we had to write an essay on whether it was a parody or a satire.

KATIE: My friends quote Monty Python all the time, though I don’t.

LEXIE: Teens know who he is, but I don't know many that can quote it.

ERICA: I LOVE MONTY PYTHON! I quote it all the time. Especially the Holy Grail.

EMILY V: I know who he is. I've never watched any of the movies, but some of my friends have.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: My dad showed my siblings and I Monty Python and the Holy Grail a few years ago. Said siblings also watched a few clips from some of the skits the troupe did.

In...6th or 7th grade, one of my teachers showed it to the entire class. She skipped that one scene with all of the maidens, though.

GRACIE: Yes, I do, thanks to my dad and a few other people.


Do teens still listen to oldies (60s, 70s, 80s)?

KATIE: Oh my goodness, yes they do! Everyday riding to school my brother plays oldies. Lots of my friends have oldies music on their mp3s.

RANDI: I know a lot of people who do, but more who don't. I listen to everything, new and old. When teens do listen to oldies, it's mostly 70's hard rock like Led Zeppelin and Queen.

GRACIE: I really like 60s music, anyway. I think it depends on the person.

CHIHUAHUA ZERO: In terms of oldies, I think I heard one teen saying he listens to them regularly, but besides that, I'm not sure who

EMILY V: YES! Billy Joel and Michael Jackson are probably my favorite 'oldies' artists.

LISSA: I do!! I especially love old rock and roll! (The past two decades’ worth of music isn’t as great in comparison.)

ERICA: I do some – one of my friends and my restaurant hangout from a few years back played disco dance night on the radio every Saturday when we were there. Plus, my show choir did a lot of older music.

LEXIE: Oh, certainly. Those who listen to the oldies tend to believe their taste in music gives them some superiority over those who enjoy more contemporary music. (That is a generalization, but unfortunately it applies to the large majority of these kids.)

EMILY C: I don’t really, but I know a lot of people are really into that stuff. It all depends on who you are.

LYNSAY: I have my specific favorite oldies songs that I like to listen to and keep on my mp3 player.

LAURA: Are you kidding me? Some of my favorite bands are from the 70s and 80s. While yeah, okay, they are a little more mainstream than some (Blondie, Led Zeppelin, The Bangles) they still count!

Thank you again, SPIES and ANALYSTS! And thank YOU for the questions! If you've thought of another question, or missed the post to ask it--don't worry. We'll be back with another ask-a-teen feature next month!



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