Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who's your fictional love?

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Today's question:
If you could only choose ONE (Yes, Alison, just one! ;) ) YA character that your sixteen-year-old self could date, who would it be?

Our Answers

Copil: Iko from Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Yup, she's a robot. You can keep your werewolves, vampires, zombies and other disease-ridden prom dates; my girl was assembled in a clean room. How cool would it be to make out with your SO while updating your Facebook status?! Copil LIKES this.

Jessica: Oh man...Teen Jess would have a field day with all of these awesome YA guys! I think the best choice for her would be Cricket Bell from Lola and the Boy Next Door, mainly because Teen Jess had a really difficult time finding a boy tall enough for her.

Cristin: Sorry guys, this may seem obvious and boring, but it just has to be Peeta. He's sweet and perceptive and clever with a great sense of humor and more grit than he's generally given credit for. Plus, you know, all the baked goods.

Katy: Jonah Griggs from JELLICOE ROAD, easy. Sure he's damaged and, at times, stubborn and a little aggressive, but he's just so sweet with the story's main character, Taylor. Plus, he's brave and loyal and outdoorsy, and, in my head, super hot. 

Matt: Wow this is tough. I don't read enough YA Romance. I'm going to say Rileigh Martin from Katana, by Cole Gibsen, because she's totally bad-ass.

Karen: Seth from Wicked Lovely. Yum. Yum. And yum. 

Cambria: My 16-year-old self totally would've gone for someone like Four from Divergent. He's badass, hot, mysterious. And he's got that hidden soft side to him that you have to work hard to find. My teen self loved those kinds of challenges!

Sara: Yeah, so Cambria obviously broke into my brain and stole my answer. Four. For all those reasons.

Alexandra: Even though he is a zombie, I know my sixteen year old self would love Bram from DEARLY, DEPARTED.

Alison: So, apparently sixteen year old Alison has been limited to ONE choice to date. Umm…really? All these swoon worthy YA guys like Adam Wilde and Four and Peeta and Cricket and Fang and Kaleb and I’m expected to choose ONE?

Teen Alison really wants to play the field, but whatever. I’m taming the rebellious inner beast and picking this guy:

Heath Luck, House of Night.

He plays football, is drunk for like, most of the first novel, but then…then he gives up drinking and everything else bad for him because all he wants to do is be with the girl he’s loved since the third grade. And…AND he says stuff like this:

There's you. There's me. We love each other, and we have since we were kids, so we should be together. The end.

A big, studly football jock like me? I got plenty of blood to spare. For you, I have anything to spare.

Last time I saw you, I said that it hurt too much to love you. But I was wrong about that. The truth is it hurts too much not to love you.

He IS the Bruno Mars of House of Night. He may not catch a grenade for Zoey Redbird, but he does throw himself in front of some scary otherworldly creatures for his girl. And his only wish is that Zoey be alive and HAPPY.

*dies* Also, he’s hot. Did I mention he plays football? Yeah. My teen self would have been all over Heath Luck. I hope you didn't limit us to one guy for brevity's sake. You know I can't be brief. :)

LOL No, Alison, clearly it wasn't for brevity's sake... ;) 

Your turn!


Eliza Tilton said...

Ash from The Fey Series. I was obessed with fairies in HS--even have that tat to prove it. If I met Ash I would 1) check to make sure someone didn't slip me something during class 2) fall completely in love. He's dark, moody, loyal, a prince and weaves one wicked sword. Did I mention he's a fairy?

Maddie said...

Oh goodness, I freaked out when I saw this week's question! I would have to choose Fang from the Maximum Ride series. He's the strong and silent type (totaly opposite of me- I love to chat) and is always there for his maybe-kinda-sorta girlfriend, Max. He just seems like the perfect person to lean on when I was feeling down. Plue, he has wings. Who wouldn't want to date a guy with wings?? You'd never pay for gas again!

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