Thursday, May 10, 2012

YA Trends We Still Love

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Today's question:
What's one common YA trend that you still enjoy reading?
Our Answers

Karen: Anything with some kind of magical or supernatural element in it. Love me some magic and superpowers.

Alexandra: I still enjoy reading urban fantasy that focuses on faeries. They've always been my favorite supernatural creature, and I feel like it is certainly possible to give faeries a new twist because folklore tells of so many different kinds.

Jessica: I really don't mind love triangles as long as they are done well. The only thing better than one hot guy is TWO hot guys, right?

Cristin: I still love dystopian. Dystopian has been one of my favorite genres since I was kid, so I was psyched when it became the big new thing. and I don't think I'll EVER get sick of it.

Katy: One YA trend I still enjoy (and will probably enjoy through the end of time) is the Boy Next Door Trend. There's something very charming about the idea of falling for a boy who's been there all along, a constant, and the close living quarters often make for great tension and entertaining interactions (Cricket Bell watching Lola Nolan dance through their bedroom windows!). Plus, the boys who live next door to YA protagonists are always fun and super cute... Where were these boys when I was in high school?!

Matt: I'm not sure if it counts as a Trend yet, but I will never get tired of Steampunk settings.

Alison: A snarktastic mc. I know the snarky voice is a little last year, but I still enjoy reading it.

Cambria: I'm still liking dystopians...yeah, it's a bit glutted right now, but they feel more realistic to me than vampires or dragons (and I'm totally not saying I don't like vampires or dragons...just that I like my dystopians more!).

Sara: I didn’t think I’d be one to say this, but I’m going with dystopian here, too… I love a cool, unique dystopian. Like Blood Red Road, or Under the Never Sky!

Copil: I still enjoy dystopian. Although I'm getting tired of people dressing in rags after the apocalypse. Really?! Am I the only one that would head to the nearest Louis Vuitton store and loot me one of those $16,000 steamer trunks and then fill it with Tom Ford's Autumn/Fall collection? IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, PEOPLE! You're going to your last party. Dress like it!  

Your turn!


Eliza Tilton said...

I'm going with Dystopian. There's something wild and beautiful about it.

Maddie said...

Ooooo...definitely faerie stories. Evil faeries are the best. Or angel/demons that are evil/fallen/trying to be good/obsessed with teenaged girls and protecting them. Gotta love a good fantasy hearthrob that isn't a vampire...

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