Saturday, June 30, 2012

Comment of the Week!

Each Thursday we ask our readers a deep question and each Saturday we pick our favorite response and award the commenter with the book of his or her choice from The Vault.

Here be dragons
Or, er...books

This week's question (which was extra deep):

What's something about life that you thought you saw clearly as a teen, but now see differently?

And this week's winner:


Here's one I realized last night, during my celebration of Nora Ephron (spoilers for You've Got Mail, I guess, although really guys, you've had your chance to see it):  when I saw You've Got Mail as a teenager, I thought it was super romantic how they found each other on the internet AND on real life, OMG.  My mom said it was creepy the way Tom Hanks deceived Meg Ryan for fully half the movie.  In fact:  yes, it is creepy.  Tom Hanks plays a real jerk in that movie, and Greg Kinnear's character is really a pretty good guy.  But they're both beside the point because now I just ship "Meg Ryan/Meg Ryan's Bookstore" and really lose interest after the bookstore exits the picture!   So, to generalize:  I've come to appreciate good, caring, drama-free relationships.  Also bookstores.

Mrs. are SO RIGHT about drama-free relationships. But those sure don't make interesting books or movies, do they? And, oh yeah, TEAM BOOKSTORE!

Drop us a line and let us know which book from The Vault tickles your fancy. (We don't have quite as many books as Meg Ryan's bookstore, but it's pretty close.)


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