Monday, June 4, 2012

Real Teen Thoughts on High School, Graduating, and Moving On

Graduating seniors—they’re at the end of their high school story. And just how was that high school experience? How have they grown? What have they learned? And how do they feel about what's next? Here are some reflective thoughts from those making the transition from YA to A.

What was the best part about high school?

Senior trip

I enjoyed my time with my friends and teachers.

Hanging out with all my friends (this was a popular answer)

Meeting new people

Playing sports

Class with friends

Winning conference football championship

Friends—learning who you will always have and who wasn’t meant for you.

The worst?

Senior trip


Getting up super early all week

Senior project

Teachers that were too serious

Anything they wish they would have done differently?

Actually paid attention in class

Paid more attention to my grades

Kept playing sports after freshman year

Join more clubs

Um, no. I think my high school years were the best.

I wish I played more sports

Worked harder in Spanish

What’s most exciting about leaving high school?

No rules, dress code, putting up with teachers

Just knowing that I’m finally done

Not having to do any more homework

Becoming independent

Going to college

What’s scary about leaving high school?

Being in the real world

I’m not looking forward to bills

Not seeing a lot of my friends anymore

Leaving my mom

Being on my own and having to make all my own decisions

Leaving family

Leaving my boys

What do they plan to do?

College (four year, two year, community college, pursue masters degree)



Any parting words? Advice?

Study, study, study

Pay attention

Remember you make your own future

Don’t settle for good. Strive for your best

Stay in school even though it’s tough.

Strive to keep your grades up and play as many sports as you can.

So, any surprise answers up there? What were YOUR best and worst high school experiences? Was leaving high school exciting or scary? Or both? Tell us all about it in the comments!


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