Friday, June 15, 2012

Tales from the Locker Room (and Other Stalk-Worthy Places)

Okay, so I really don’t stalk the locker room, but I do pick up on some interesting things in my classroom and in the hallways. And in early June, all minds were on SUMMER. So this month, I asked students to weigh in on their school year and their plans for summer vacation.

Best part of their school year

Interning at the elementary school, meeting my beautiful best friend, drama class, meeting new people, seeing friends, vacations, prom, getting more involved with school, interacting with more diverse people, going on trips

I had good teachers that made my classes pretty simple and not so hard and I had my friends in most of my classes.

I learned new things about myself—strengths and weaknesses.

Worst part of their school year

Fighting with my boyfriend, having to take Spanish, the drama, Biology, exams, being eaten by aliens…and zombies in Miami, seeing my report card first semester, getting in a fight with one of my best friends, not playing sports, the work and stress

Anything they wish they could do over?

Passing some classes the first time around, not getting hurt a lot in gym, start the beginning of the year with my head straight, meet more people, letting the stress get to me, trying harder with a certain person

I wish I didn’t procrastinate on all my work and just get it done when I got it.

And man, were they ready for summer vacation. Why?

To get a job, I’m tired of school, more sleep, I want to see my family, freedom from school, hang out with friends

I can stay up all night and not have to wake up so early

I want to sleep late, stay at the beach all day, and watch full seasons of shows

What they’re planning to do on summer vacation

Work, sleep, visiting family and old friends, surf competitions, travel, camping, amusement parks, beach, college trips, camps, concerts

Movies they’re looking forward to

The Great Gatsby, Avengers, Ted, The Amazing Spiderman, Snow White and the Huntsman, Dark Knight Rises, Breaking Dawn Part II, Ghost Rider 2, The Dictator, Skyfall, Chernobyl Diaries, Men in Black 3

On their summer TBR

Whatever I can find, Lisa Jackson novels, The Host, Mortal Instruments series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Scarlet Letter, Tricks (any Ellen Hopkins book), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I read fantasy books—anything to escape the real world

What they’re wearing

What they’re listening to

Direct quote from a senior graduation speech (a male graduating senior): So today I woke up to that song Call Me Maybe, and uh…I knew from that point on, it was going to be a great day.

What they’re into

Twitter. It seems EVERYONE has a twitter. I don’t think a class period goes by without one of my students saying, “I’m going to tweet that!”

PS - Pinterest and Instagram are trickling down from the college scene too. Won’t be long.

What they’re sayin’

RATCHET (has several meanings)

a person or activity that is out of hand, out of control, or generally whack in some way

cool, crunk, awesome: Check out these shoes! They’re so ratchet!

ghetto, nasty: People need to stop acting ratchet.

YOLO: You Only Live Once.

It’s popped up as a hash tag, shout out, update ender…all over recently.

Memes are pretty popular too. I found this one on a wall.

Hope you enjoyed the summer wrap up! And since school’s out, the Locker Room feature will take a short vacation as well. But it’ll be back in September! Is there anything you’d like me to investigate? (within reason, of course!)


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