Friday, June 29, 2012

Teen 2 Text: an interview with a 13 year old via text message

My niece J is 13, and will be in 8th grade soon. She's a true Renaissance girl: she's a competitive swimmer, a dancer, on the poms squad at school, a model, she loves to read, and she gets good grades. Basically my niece is completely awesome.

I caught up with her via text message because she's so busy this summer. Check it out:

Me: What's the most recent book you read? Did you like it?

J: The most recent book I read was 'Bottled Up'. It was a book about a kid using drugs and alcohol as a way to get thru his day with an abusive father. I really liked this book.

Me: What's your favorite book (or books) and why?

J: My favorite book is 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green. I loved this book bcuz the message this book sends is powerful and really true in today's society.

Me: What's your least favorite book and why?

J: My least favorite book was 'Dark Eden'. This book was horrible; badly written, the plot was confusing and nothing made sense.

Me: What's your favorite genre?

J: My favorite genre is fantasy or fiction.

Me: Do you think the authors you've liked have done a good job portraying what it's like to be a teenager? Why or why not?

J: Sometimes not bcuz they don't think reality sometimes.
Me: Don't think reality?

J: They don't put characters in a situation that really happens in life.

Me: Like what?

J: Like, just read any book and u wld find at least one thing that wld never happen

Me: Hahaha. Can I ask you a couple questions about modeling?
J: Sure :)

Me: Yay! What makes you want to be a model?

J: What makes me want to be a model is that modeling just seems so much fun. U get to wear amazing clothes, broadcast ur talent...Its just amazing.

Me: How do you go about becoming a model? How do you practice?

J: I went to my local mall and tried out. The company (Audition America) was looking for modeling potential. I practice by watching the way my feet have to cross over at the ankles and facial expressions like an actor. No duck faces please.

Me: Do you have any more modeling things planned for the summer?

J: I just signed my contract for audition America and now I can sign up for modeling jobs.

Me: Does everyone get a contract or only certain people? What does signing up for a job entail? Is it an audition?

J: No. Only 25% of the people who got to the state round got a contract. And yes, it is an audition. U try out with a bunch of other men and women looking for the same job.

Me: Ooh congrats!

J: Thanks!

A huge thanks to J for answering all my questions, and a huge GOOD LUCK with the modeling!


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