Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beach Reads

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Today's question:
What's your favorite beach read--and, yes, we've already asked this, but THIS time we want you to tell us your fave books that are beach-themed!


Our Answers

Alexandra: The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols. It's not exactly beach themed since they're at a lake, but I think that's close enough. Water sports, summer sun, and a steamy hot romance. It's a beach-themed read that's great to read at the beach!

Katy: I'm going with Kirsten Hubbard's WANDERLOVE. I've never had much interest in backpacking or Central America, but now that I've read Bria's story, I wish I could follow the very same sandy route she and Rowan traveled on their journey. 

Jessica: I have so many beach-themed books that I seems like most of my favorites take place near the water. (I guess I'm just a sucker for the good ol' summer romance.) Recently, Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson and Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker really stand out as the perfect beachy stories. (Even though in my world the beach means the ocean not the lake or the river...but I'll let these ones slide.)

Copil: Railsea by China Meiville. I know I'm stretching here but the book does take place on the wide open Railsea where trains ply their trade, chugging into station for supplies. The beach, such as it is, is just the rocky edge "lapping" at dystopian cities. Plus, all the other books I've read this year are terra-biased.

Karen: One of my favorite beach books is WHEN THE SEA IS RISING. It's magical and weird (in the best way) and def not a light read. The story is actually pretty gritty and dark at times, but the world Cat Hellisen created is AMAZING. I wanted to jump into the pages and live in Pelimburg, drink tea, and hang out with the quirky characters.

Matt: I don't read beach books (although I did like Tangled Tides - a lot), so I'm going to go with a mountain book, and say The Mountains of California, by John Muir. Not YA, not beach, but hey, I've been out of town, cut me some slack.

Alison: This is sad, but I haven’t read a beach-themed book in almost a year. And since Sara already claimed Tangled Tides, I’m going with Beauty Queens (Libba Bray), one of my all-time favorites. It’s not your typical summer beach read (uh…far from it), but it does take place on the beach of a (somewhat) deserted island. Of course, I wouldn’t actually recommend reading this one at the beach unless, yanno, you want people to stare at you when you LOL every five seconds.

Cambria: Confession: I haven't really read too many beach-themed reads. I tend to like dark and fast-paced stories in the summer over sand that can get EVERYWHERE. Maybe Forget You by Jennifer Echols. I think that was sort of beachy, right?

Sara: Tangled Tides by our own Karen Hooper, duh! It’s all about the merfolk, baby!

Your turn!


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